3 tips to avoid car paint repairs

There is nothing better than a brand-new car; clean, shiny and straight from the dealership. But keeping it looking that way can be difficult.

With even just regular use, it can be hard to avoid scuffs, scratches and even fading to your paintwork. Not only does it make your vehicle look uncared for but can take thousands away from its value.

The procedure of painting a car in the service center.

If your car has been neglected for too long, it’s likely your only option will be a car paint repair. If this sounds like you, Bumpertek can help with a repair that makes your car look as its best – conveniently coming to you and without the high cost that comes from panel shops.

But if your car is still in good shape – or has recently had a visit from our technicians – there are several tricks you can use to extend the life of your paintwork.

Beneath the layers

You might think your car’s paintwork is just a layer of colour – but there is more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye.

At the very base level is primer, a bonding agent which helps the paint adhere to the vehicle. Even more importantly, primer acts as a protective layer, preventing rust and moisture damage.

Next is the base coat which provides the colour of your car. This can be metallic, solid or pearlescent.

Finally, is the top or clearcoat which protects all the layers beneath it.

It’s important to understand the various layers of paintwork as, depending on how deep the paintwork damage is to your car, the more difficult it will be to repair.

So how can you ensure you keep this paintwork in tip top shape? Here are our top tips to keep your car looking showroom fresh for longer.

Keep up your maintenance

The best advice for keeping your paint looking sharp – and avoiding a car paint repair – is to keep up maintenance.

Our advice is to undertake regular inspections of the exterior of your car. If you do notice scratches, dents or paint blemishes, make sure you address them immediately to prevent rust or other issues.

Protect it from the elements

The golden rule to protecting your paintwork is to minimise your car’s exposure to the elements. This includes sun, tree sap, road tar, bird droppings or even having your car rained upon too often – all of which can damage the layers of paint.

If you park your car for long periods of time, try to place it in the shade, beneath a garage or in an underground car park. Avoid leaving it under trees are they can leave sap on your car and often attract birds, which will leave droppings on your car. The acidic composition of droppings can dissolve paint, damaging it permanently if it’s left for too long.

In Sydney and the Southern Highlands, where rain is commonplace, ensure you wax your car regularly to protect it from wet weather.

Leave it for the professionals

The final tip is the most important – always leave car paint repairs to the professionals.

As we explained, your paint has a lot of different layers. A professional will know exactly what needs to be done to fix your car and address any underlying causes. Further, expert car paint repairers know how to colour match, ensuring your repair work can’t be detected.

You may think your issue is a simple fix, but a DIY paint job is likely to be spotted and may end up costing you more when you eventually present it to an expert.

Even more importantly, professionals have the proper equipment and safety gear to complete the task safely.