3 Ways to Increase the Value of your Car Right Now

A car is just another mode of transportation, right? A way to get the weekly groceries, pick the kids up from school and get to and from the office. Well that’s only part of the story. As Suburban Finance says a car is actually an asset and as such should be treated that way.

Well if my vehicle is an asset I guess I should protect the value right? Of course, getting top dollar for any asset is vital for your wallet. So with just a little TLC your vehicle can be returned to showroom condition.

Here are the three ways Bumpertek can actually add value to your car.

1. Paint Repair – Over time the paint in any vehicle will look less than pristine. But a bit of fade here due to the heat or a minor mark there can’t cost me that much right? Car Guru suggests this could be affecting the value of your vehicle. “If your paint job is dinged, purchase the matching touch-up paint and colour in those scratches.” While car scratch repairs can be a time consuming activity, here at Bumpertek we take the hassle out of it by providing mobile scratch repairs.

2. Dent Repair – It can happen anywhere. You might have left your car out in a storm or had someone knick your car with a trolley. If your vehicle has suffered some cosmetic damage it is certainly in your interest to get it fixed. As Bigskycol suggests “If your car is in pristine condition, you will of course have the luxury of selling it at a higher price. And that’s generally the point of selling, right? “ By not getting a mobile dent repair you’re actually costing yourself money. So why wouldn’t you remove those dents?

3. Scratch Repair – You’ve parked your car under a tree and a branch has fallen, or you’ve touched the curb while parking your vehicle. The result, marks in the paint that no matter how hard you scrub your vehicle never seem to come out. Annoying yes but “you can live with scratches on your car — but you shouldn’t have to.

Scratches are like the old torture of death by a thousand cuts. Eventually, they will destroy your car’s finish by allowing rust to develop on metal parts. Removing those scratches through a mobile scratch repairer not only will improve the value of your vehicle but it will protect the integrity of the paint itself.

So you’ve convinced me that I should add some value to my pride and joy but who has the time to meet a repairer and how can I spend the day without my vehicle?

Here at Bumpertek Sydney we believe in fast, convenient, mobile repair services that should not cost more than the vehicle itself. We believe in improving the value of your asset by returning it back to showroom condition. Our trained technicians will come to you to restore your vehicle at a location that is convenient to you.

If you want a car scratch repair or mobile dent repair and would like to ensure top dollar for your daily ride we have made it as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1) Fill out the contact us form
2) Get a no obligation free inspection and quote
3) Organise a time and place for one of our experienced technicians to replace or repair any cracks in your bumper.