6 Car Tips to Keep Yours Looking New

There’s no better feeling than taking the keys to your brand-new car. That certain new car smell, the way that it feels the first time its driven and the sparkling paintwork are some of the true pleasures in life.

New clean car parked on a city street side  

As passionate car enthusiasts ourselves, we have come up with a few handy car tips to help with car paint care and to help you hold onto that new car feeling for just a little longer.

  • Hand wash your car with a clean and soft sponge

When it comes to washing your car, always ensure that the sponge you’re using is clean, and that soap is applied in a circular motion. This will not only prevent scratches, it will also ensure your daily drive is looking pristine.

  • Dry your car by hand

A nifty little trick to ensure the best clean for your vehicle is to go a step further and dry your car by hand. After ensuring the chamois is clean and dirt free, go over your car in similar circular motions, to remove any final marks.

  • Avoid high pressure water cleaners

As tempted as you might be to use the high-pressure hose, especially if your vehicle looks like it’s been on a rally course, it should be avoided at all costs. High pressure water can do far more harm than good by ruining your paint – meaning you’ve just replaced mud with marks.

  • Remove any bird dropping immediately

The moment you see a bird dropping land on your that is the same moment you should be cleaning it off. Don’t let the droppings sit on your car paint, especially in the sun as the longer it sits on the paint, the more damage it can do.

  • Careful where you park your car

Just as you’re aware of your personal surroundings, always be weary of where you park your car. Where possible avoid parking under trees or near accident prone areas such as shopping trolley bays or poles. It pays to take care – there’s nothing worse than a ding on the car that wasn’t there when you parked it. 

  • Wax your car

Prevention is always better than a cure – and this is where wax comes in. Wax is a coating for your car, giving it a little extra protection from potential damage. It does break down over time, so ensuring your care is re-waxed consistently is well worth the effort.

While these six steps will help go a long way in protecting your car, those that live in Sydney and surrounding suburbs have the extra protection of a local Bumpertek car enthusiast who specialises in restoring cars to showroom condition. If you need a car paint or bumper repair, get in touch with us today.