Alloy Wheels vs Steel Wheels: Which One Should I Choose?

For car enthusiasts, wheels are more than just wheels — they’re a statement. It’s why many drivers fork out big dollars to get alloy or mag wheels for their vehicles.

But beyond their good looks, are there any other benefits to alloy wheels? After all, your wheels are not only vital to the running of your car, but have to be able to support a considerable amount of weight.

If you’re in the market for set of wheels, these are the factors you should keep in mind in determining if alloy wheels are your best bet — or if standard steel wheels are what you’re after.

Alloy car wheel with disk brakes close up background.

What is the difference?

 There are two types of wheel choice — steel or alloy wheels.

Steel wheels are your traditional workhorse. They’re found as standard on older cars, as well as the base model of a number of new vehicles too. Why? Because steel is cheap to produce, easy to mould into different parts and incredibly durable.

Alloy wheels have grown in popularity with motor sports and tend to be popular with car enthusiasts. They’re made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium, which gives them unique properties for car performance.

Why choose alloy wheels?

The metals used in alloy wheels are designed to provide a lighter option than steel wheels while creating a product that is just as strong. Unsurprisingly, this gives alloy wheels a performance advantage in being able to accelerate quicker and stop more suddenly. These wheels also provide less strain on the car’s suspension system, better handling, lower mass and improved fuel economy and heat dispersion.

Why choose steel wheels?

The durability of steel wheels makes them a great option. They absorb impact and shock better, which means they don’t tend to break as easily as alloy wheels. And, given the differences in the way they’re produced, steel wheels are much cheaper to buy.

An aesthetic connection

The other big consideration for your wheels? Which ones will look best on your car. This is where alloy wheels generally come out on top. It is easier to create complex or bespoke wheel styles in an alloy, which makes these wheels an attractive option if you’re after a specific look.

However, while they look more basic, steel wheels are easier to repair than alloys and can often just be hammered if they get bent out of shape.

It means if you’re going to choose alloy wheels over steel wheels, you’ll need to keep them in tip-top shape if you want them to look good. And for any scratches and scuffs, you’ll likely need to call in the professionals.

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