Are Your Mag Wheels Compliant?

Wheels don’t just keep us on the road – for many car owners, they make a statement too. It’s little wonder that many people choose to change or upgrade their car’s stock standard options with aftermarket wheels instead.

Aluminium mag wheel isolated on a white background

The most common type of aftermarket wheels are alloy or mag wheels – named after the metal they’re made from – magnesium. But whatever type of wheel you choose to buy, it’s important to do your research. Beyond the way they look, your wheels have an impact on how your car will handle and how safe it will be.

So what should you look out for?

Buy quality

If you start delving into the world of mag wheels, you’ll find a raft of options to suit any need or budget. But it’s critically important that you buy from a trusted supplier that deals in quality merchandise.

Cheap mag wheels may not be tested for strength which matters when they’re the only thing between you and the road. This may put you at risk if you were to hit a pothole or have an accident.

Fit them correctly

 For your mag or alloy wheels to be safe, they must be fitted correctly.

In Australia, we have specific rules for tyres and wheels, outlined in the construction standards set out in the Australian Design Rules (ADR). These guidelines explain the wheels and tyre fit necessary for your car to be road-worthy and contain handy tips to ensure yours meet the brief.

Fitting your wheels to complaint standards not only means you’re following the law but is a critical step in ensuring your own safety.

Size matters

 It’s tempting to go big or go home when it comes to the size of your mag wheels. But many car owners don’t know the impact of overly large wheels on their car – or aren’t aware there are rules.

In NSW, your new wheels cannot increase the wheel track – the distance between the left and the right-hand wheel – by more than 25mm beyond the maximum specified by the manufacturer. There are other restrictions too and it pays to ensure your specific circumstances comply.

Changing the size of your car’s wheels can also impact your speedometer and odometer. Many of these instruments determine how fast and far your car is moving using the rotation of the wheels – and the figures are worked out based on the manufacturer’s original tyre specifications. By enlarging your wheels, these readings can be out of sync, meaning you could be unwittingly speeding. It’s critical to check this has been addressed before fitting your mag wheels and going for a ride.

Keeping wheels up to scratch

Once you have quality mag wheels fitted correctly on your car you might think your job is done. But keeping your wheels in good condition is important too – after all, their primary purpose is aesthetics!

Keeping up the appearance of your mag wheels is no easy feat. They’re the quickest part of your car to get dirty, not to mention the easiest things to have scratched. It’s why you need the right service at your fingers tips to fix your mag wheels and ensure they’re looking their best.

Bumpertek is your one stop shop for all mag wheel repairs. We can fix your scuffs and scratches and have you back on the road – in no time. And, as a mobile repair shop, we’ll come to you.

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