Bumpertek Sydney: Our most frequently asked questions about bumper repairs

If you’ve put a mark on your bumper, you might not think it’s that important. After all – you’re busy!

Mechanic garage auto workshop team working service repair fix damaged front bumper accident car

Surely a bumper can wait a bit before it really needs your attention? We get it – there are probably other things on your mind. But bumpers are a critical part of your car. It not only helps protect your vehicle, but it can also stop you from getting into trouble with the authorities.

To help explain the significance of car bumpers we’ve taken the liberty to answer a few questions about bumpers and how – and why! – they should be fixed.

Why are car bumpers important?

A bumper is actually an incredibly important part of your motor vehicle, as it protects the front and rear of your car.

So important is the role that the humble bumper plays, it is actually illegal in New South Wales to drive a vehicle with a damaged one! You can face hefty fines if your bumpers are not up to standard. This is because if you are in an accident, your bumpers will help absorb some of the impact.

The bumper’s main aim is to protect the hood, exhaust and cooling system of a car. But there are some limitations to how much they’ll protect your car. Unfortunately, speed still plays a big factor in accidents. If you’re in a high speed crash, your bumpers will be limited to their effectiveness.

puzzled and annoyed woman looking at scratch on car bumper after minor accident
puzzled and annoyed woman looking at scratch on car bumper after minor accident

What is the difference between a panel beater and a mobile bumper repair?

The main difference between a panel beater and a mobile bumper repair is convenience. When you go to a panel beater, you will have to give your car over to the shop and might be without it for several days. In the case of a mobile bumper technician, there is no such delay – we come to you.

Our fully-kitted vans allow us to perform bumper repairs at a place that is of your choosing. And best still, you can get your car back faster than if you have to take it to a shop.


Can you pull a dent out of a bumper?

It all depends on how damaged the bumper is. Generally speaking, you don’t need to replace a dented plastic bumper if it is just a minor dent or if the bumper has a few scratches. This can be fixed by an industry professional. In the case of a more severe dent or if the bumper has cracks in several places, you might need to replace it as a whole.

Can torn pieces of a bumper be repaired?

A tear in a bumper can be fixed, but it depends on how many there are and how cracked the bumper is.

When it comes to fixing a tear in a bumper, technicians will fix it by sealing the crack with plastic filler. It will then be sanded down until it is smooth. After that, if required, it will be painted.

How much this will cost will vary on the damage of the vehicle. If you live in Sydney and its surrounding area, you can get an obligation free quote from Bumpertek – just reach out and our friendly staff can help you.

Can you touch up car paint scratches on the same day?

Yes we can absolutely touch up a car paint scratch the same day as you book in a quote, providing we have a free slot in our booking system.

When it comes to fixing scratches, the time it will take to fix will depend on the severity of it. The deeper the scratch the longer it will take to repair. But generally most repairs are done in 2 – 2.5 hours. The drying time for the paint will generally take 3 hours after the repair is completed.


Is it time to call in the professionals?

It’s been fun answering a few of the questions we hear regularly from our Bumpertek customers!

But in the case of mobile car repair, it’s always better to get the facts directly from the professionals. For those who live in Sydney (or those in the surrounding area), reach out to Bumpertek today to get a free, no-obligation quote on a high-quality car paint repair, today.