Bumpertek’s Car Scratch Repairs Sydney

Scuff, scrape, scratch, prang or dent – whatever you call it, damage to your vehicle isn’t the best way to start your day. Not only is it unsightly and detracts from your car’s aesthetic appeal but, left too long, deep marks and damage can sometimes cause larger issues. As such, it can be important to rectify damage to your car as soon as possible.

A scratch on your car has more severe impacts than just leaving an unsightly mark. In fact, not fixing a scratch can have a long-term issue on the value of your car. But not all scratches are the same. 

When it comes to scratches there’s generally four different types:

  1. Stone chips: These are small, deep, and localised, caused by debris flying and hitting your vehicle at high speeds. These are generally more minor than other forms of scratches.
  2. Scuffs and clear coat scratches: These scratches often occur during everyday driving due to rocks and debris hitting the top layer of the paint.
  3. Primer scratches: These go a little deeper than other scratches and reach the primer level but the metal underneath is not exposed.
  4. Deep paint scratches: These are the deepest scratches with the metal being exposed through the paint.

Not only will your car look worse depending on the severity of the scratch, it can have a financial cost. Any scratch on a car can expose the body of your vehicle to the elements. The deeper the scratch the more exposed it is to the weather. Depending on the climate, this can lead to a raft of issues for your car including rust. If your car suffers from rust, it will likely cost you more to repair than the initial scratch. 

Furthermore, scratches are a sign of damage to your car. This means if you were to re-sell it, it would likely impact the value. A potential buyer may be put off by scratches and scuffs, as they could be seen as signs of disrepair and a lack of care for the car.

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Getting your car repaired from your Sydney home

By now you might be aware of the importance of car paint repairs. But you probably can’t be without your car for a few weeks while it is in the panel beater or repair shop.  This is where a mobile provider like Bumpertek comes in. 

We come directly to you. So you can have your car repaired from the comfort of your own home or even the office – in just three easy steps:

  1. Contact us and share an image of your car’s damage for us to assess.
  2. Book and time and place that suits you for your repair.
  3. Let us do your repair!

All done with the benefit of 15 years’ experience

Just because you get the benefit of convenience doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice on quality. Here at Bumpertek, our technicians have over 15 years’ experience in fixing car scratches. So if your car needs a car scratch repair, it might be time to call in the professionals. For Sydney-siders (or those in the surrounding area), reach out to Bumpertek today to get a free, no-obligation quote on getting a high-quality car paint repair, today!