Bumpertek’s Mobile Scratch Repair Service


If you’ve got a scratch, scuff, dent or scrape on your car, you’ll want it fixed – fast! And, while Sydneysiders are spoilt for choice when it comes to options for getting their car scratches repaired, not all of those options sport the same benefits.

At Bumpertek, we’re a mobile repair service and so we have one very clear advantage for our customers – we come to you! It’s one of the top things we hear from our loyal customers when they tell us why they choose Bumpertek for their car scratch and bumper repairs. But what does this mean? And why is it beneficial to you?

What is a mobile car scratch repair?

Unsurprisingly, a mobile car scratch repair is just that – we’re a fully mobile service that can come to your home or workplace in order to complete our repairs.

Whether you’re in Liverpool or Camden, Campbelltown, Penrith, Blue Mountains or the Southern Highlands, our experienced and professional scratch repair technicians will come direct to you to repair all kinds of minor scratches, dents and scuffs.


This means the main difference between a service like Bumpertek and a traditional method of car scratch repair (like going to an auto body or panel beater workshop) is convenience. Traditional methods of car scratch repair often involve booking an appointment at an auto body shop, dropping off your car, and waiting for days or even weeks for the repair to be completed. With mobile car scratch and bumper repair services – like Bumpertek – your car can generally be fixed on the same day.

Our fully-kitted vans allow us to perform bumper repairs at a place that is of your choosing – saving you time and hassle. Whether you’re at home, at work, or even at the gym, you can have your car’s scratches repaired without disrupting your daily routine.


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How do mobile car scratch repairs work?


Our repairs are convenient – so our process for getting a quote is too! You can get a quote for a Bumpertek car scratch or mobile repair services in three easy steps:

  1. Reach out to Bumpertek today with some images of the damage to your car
  2. Our experts will assess and review your car’s damage to ensure its best addressed with a paint or bumper repair – or weather it needs to be replaced (by either going through insurance or going to a panel beater)
  3. If your bumper can be repaired, our technician will set up a convenient time with you to repair the bumper.

That’s it! While our experts will review your specific repair before determining the exact length of time required to address it, most can be completed in a few hours (excluding drying time for the paint).



So why should you choose a mobile car scratch or bumper repair?

There are so many benefits to a mobile car scratch or bumper repair! But if you’re still wondering – here are a few of the top benefits we hear from our customers on why they love working with Bumpertek on their repairs:

  • Experience: We have nearly 15 years’ experience in the business and reputation for quality and care.
  • Convenience: Don’t leave your car in an auto body shop! With Bumpertek, most repairs can be completed in a single day.
  • Cost effective: Our rates are competitive! You can get a quality re
  • Personalised service: We are a small, family-owned business. We provide a one-on-one, bespoke service to ensure you’re getting the right repair for your car.