Car Bumper Repair vs Car Bumper Replacement?

Whether you’ve scratched it, cracked it, or dented it – bumpers are one of the easiest parts of your car to damage. But that doesn’t make it any less of an eyesore when you have a car that needs a bumper repair.

If your bumper is sporting some damage, you might find yourself wondering how best to go about fixing it. Should you repair the damage, or will a replacement give you the best result?

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Bumper or cover?

Before we start determining whether a repair or replacement will suit you best, do you know the area that needs attention?

Your bumper is the metal structure designed to absorb impact in a collision. Your bumper cover is the moulded body part that serves as a cover to your bumper – it’s the part you see on the outside. While it plays a role in improving the aerodynamics of your car, the main purpose of the bumper cover is an aesthetic one – to make your car look nicer.

Most of the time, your bumper cover will be the component with the damage you’re looking to repair.

When should I repair my bumper?

Bumper covers can easily be repaired and, depending on the damage, it can often be a quicker, more cost-effective solution. If the damage to your bumper is simply a small dent or scratch, a professional repairer will be able to repair and repaint it for you. Similarly, if your car is an old model where finding car body parts may be tricky, a repair might be your best and most affordable option.

If your bumper cover is looking more worse for wear, it can often be patched similarly to other car body parts. However, this is only an option when there is no damage to the underlying metal bumper.

If you need to repair minor bumper damage, repairs are an excellent way to have it looking great without the cost of a total replacement. A quality repairman will be able to advise whether a repair is an option for you.

When should I replace my bumper?

If the damage to your bumper is a significant crack or hole, replacing it might be your best option. In this case, your repairer will need to remove the bumper cover by releasing the clips attaching it to your car and snapping on a new one.

While it sounds easy, replacement bumper covers can be expensive, especially if purchased from your original equipment manufacturer. If you decide to save a few coins by purchasing an aftermarket option, you may find it won’t match your paint.

That said, for bumpers with significant damage, replacement can be a necessary step to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy.

What should I do?

If you’re not sure the extent of your damage or whether a repair might work for your car bumper, it’s time to call in the professionals. Bumpertek is a quality car bumper repair service, and our experienced servicemen can give you advice on what will work best to address your car bumper damage.

We provide no-obligation quotes, so you can understand the nature of the repair before you go ahead with it. And best of all, we’re a mobile repair service. There is no need to drop your car off to schedule your bumper repair – we come to you.

If you’ve got scrapes, scratches, or dents on your bumper, it’s well worth seeing if a repair is right for you. Get in touch today.