Car Dent Removal: When It’s Not The Time For DIY

Dents can be easy to put into a vehicle and incredibly painful to remove. Simply parking in the wrong spot,  changing weather conditions or an annoying neighbour brushing against a car can leave a dent in the side of the vehicle.

Bumper car scratched with deep damage to the paint.

When faced with a dent in your car, it might be tempting to do it yourself – after all, it doesn’t look too hard and surely it’s cheaper, right? What most people don’t know is a botched home-repair job usually turns out to be the complete opposite, leaving the car in a worse condition and the owner with an additional cost.

So why are you better off leaving repairs to a professional car dent removal service?

It’s not as easy as you think
We’ve all seen the videos on YouTube that claim to show an instant five-minute fix, restoring a vehicle to showroom condition in just a few simple steps.
But, like most things that sound too good to be true, this is certainly the case when it comes to a quick-fix dent removal system. Without the experience of removing dents, not only is the process difficult, but mistakes can be costly. Trust us, car rent removal is best left to the professionals.

You need the right equipment
Removing dents isn’t something you can do with your regular toolbox. It requires a proper kit and the ones that work are similar in cost to a professional repair, if not more.
Buying a tool kit you’re only going to use once is inefficient – both in terms of cost and storage for it when you’re finished. This is without factoring in the time to find a kit, pick it up, learn how to use it and then removing the specific dent in your vehicle.

You need to trial somewhere else first
Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. Do you really want the very first dent you’ve ever removed to be on your own car?

Chances are, you’re shaking your head right now.

Our advice, if you’re removing a dent for the first time, you might want to have a bit more experience than a five-minute video you found on the internet. However, finding a trial can be problematic to say the least.

It can look worse than before you started
If the dent repair goes wrong you’ll be left with a tool kit, time wasted and a dent in your vehicle that looks worse than the initial damage. A botched repair job can actually make a vehicle look worse and become more costly to fix than simply getting a professional car dent repairer to fix the issue at the start.

Clearly, when it comes to car dents, repairs are best left to the professionals. For more handy tips and tricks for your motor vehicle feel free to get in touch here or on our Facebook page.