Car Paint Repair: Who’s Cheaper? DIY or Professional?

Car scratches are hard to avoid. Whether it’s because you’ve had an accident in the carpark, hit a curb or had a collision, most of us will end up with a scratch on our car at some point or another, and the damage can range from minor to problematic and require a car paint repair.

Irrespective of the level of damage, when you realise your car has been scratched, it’s likely your first thought is: how much will it cost to repair?

There is no simple answer and it will very much depend on the damage your car has sustained. Sometimes you can get away with a simple DIY job or even forgo a repair altogether. In other cases, a scratch may impact the way your car looks and eventually even cause internal damage.

Before you book in for a car paint repair in Sydney, you need to assess whether it’s cheaper to DIY or call in a professional. To help, we’ll run through the major factors in a DIY and professional repair, so you can make the best decision for your car (and your wallet)!

A man painting a car

What type of scratch do you have?

The type of repair you need will generally be determined with the type of scratch your car has sustained.

It’s easy to do a quick assessment yourself: a deeper scratch will potentially have metal exposed and will feel like a ridge when you run your finger over it because the scratch has cut into the paint. A thinner scratch may indicate that only the top layer of paint has been impacted. The length of the scratch too will impact what kind of repair is needed.

Opting for DIY

If your scratch is superficial, you may be tempted to DIY when it comes to your repair. If you have experience in automotive repair this can be a good, cost-effective option. However, if you don’t we generally recommend calling in the professionals.

Paint can be difficult to colour-match without professional experience, and a poor colour-match will make even the best paintwork obvious. It can also be hard to keep paint weatherproof in Australia’s extreme conditions without professional equipment.

Getting a DIY job wrong can be even more costly in the long-run too. A bad paint repair may damage surrounding paint, leaving a bigger – and more expensive – mess for the professionals to clean up when they’re eventually brought in. Incorrect repairs also won’t safeguard your car against underlying issues like the metal being exposed to elements, which may cause issues down the line.

They may also leave a poor aesthetic job – which can leave you significantly worse off if you decide to sell your car down the line.

Choosing a professional repair

If you want to ensure your car receives a high-quality paint repair, you’re best to contact the professionals. And while it might be more expensive initially than a DIY option, you can be confident your car’s damage is being addressed properly.

A professional repairer will also provide you with a quote at the initial stages of any consultation on how much a scratch will cost to fix so you have a clear idea of what to expect.

Mobile scratch repair services, like Bumpertek, can be a good option for car scratches, providing an efficient repair on site. This means you can avoid taking your car into a shop and is often significantly more cost efficient than panel beating.

If you’ve got a scratch on your car and in live in Sydney (or its surrounding area) get in touch with Bumpertek today for a high-quality, cost effective repair.