Car Paint Repair with Accurate Colour Matching

You’ve rubbed your car against a gutter, or a branch has fallen on your car leaving a small scratch in the paint work. Not a problem, right? Surely the good folks at YouTube can show you how to cover up a few minor scratches with just a spray can.

However, if you decide to go down the DIY route and fix your own paintwork, you can end up with a bigger eyesore than just a few scratches. Worse case, you can end up with a multi-coloured vehicle, which looks much worse than it did to begin with.

Colour matching is critical to ensure car scratches aren’t just covered but that no one can tell the damage was ever there to begin with. So how can a car enthusiast make sure they are matching the paint they want with their vehicle?

Find your paint code

You may not know it but colour matching your car doesn’t have to be guesswork – manufacturers usually make it easy by writing it on the car itself. Generally, your paint code will be found next to the compliance plate, which is located in the engine bay, on the firewall or inside the door jam.

If you cannot find the right colour code on the car itself, sometimes it is printed on the front page of the owner’s manual.

Scratches on the side door of the red car. Collision or accident.  

Get the right paint

Once you have the right colour combination to fix car scratches, car dents, faded car paint or a previously unsatisfactory paint repair, it is vital to get the right colour paint to fix the problem. To do this, you’ll need to match the colour combination based on the label at a local paint store.

This usually involves mixing various shades of paint – too much of one colour will throw the balance off and result in a repair that looks obvious.

Steady your hands – its time to paint

Finally- it’s time to paint the colour over the scratch. This is a process that will take time and effort, as a rushed scratch repair job will look worse than the scratch itself. And undertaking scratch repair yourself is no easy feat.

Or enlist a professional

Word to the wise – some jobs are best left to the experts. And scratch repair is no exception.

Fixing a botch repair can be an long and expensive process. In fact, if you end up having to enlist the help of a professional later on due to a previous unsatisfactory paint repair, you’re in for a much larger bill.

At Bumpertek, we mix the colour exactly to the manufacturer’s formula using the manufacturer’s paint product. This will ensure your car will come out looking at its best.

Instead of trying to work out the paint combination there is an alternative. You can instead opt for a mobile bumper repair and car scratch service, where an expert repairer will come to you.

If you’d like to find out more, contact Bumpertek now for an obligation free quote.