Car paint – What are the ‘dos and don’ts’?

In the last decade, we’ve seen just about all there is to see when it comes to car paint repairs. We’ve witnessed the end result from trolley bays and the damage that comes from scraping the curb when trying to get into a parking space.

We’ve also seen all manner of DIY car paint repair – from the quick tricks that camouflage damage to those that make things much, much worse. Why? We’re usually the ones called in to fix things when it all goes wrong!

With that in mind, we’re sharing with you the top ‘dos and don’ts’ when it comes to maintaining your car paint.

What to do:

Keep on top of cleaning and maintenance:

We’re all busy and it can seem hard to keep washing and waxing your car at the top of a never-ending pile of chores. But, the best thing you can do for your car’s paint – by far – is to keep it well maintained.

If your car paint’s surface is free of dust and grime, there is less of a chance it’ll be scratched by something coming up against it. A clean car will see less damage – and damage will be easier to spot when it occurs.

Ensure your car is washed once a month at least and receives a coat of wax every few months to keep it looking slick and your paint protected.

Wash away bird droppings

Bird poop is more than just irritating – left too long it can damage your car. Droppings are generally acidic and, when left on car paint, can leave a permanent mark.

If your car is the target of bird poop, wash it off immediately if you can. If it’s not possible to have it properly washed at that time, pouring water and gently wiping it off with a wet paper towel will do the trick.

This rule of thumb isn’t just for bird droppings – other elements which can land on your car such as tree sap will have a similar impact and should be treated in the same way.

Keep your bags off your car

We all know this one but it bears repeating: your groceries, purse, boxes or takeaway coffees don’t belong on the top of your car. Even when placed with great care to avoid damage, scratches will be unavoidable if you start making a habit of treating your car as a kitchen counter. While it’s convenient, don’t put things on your car – you’ll thank us later!

What not to do:

Don’t use your fingernails on your car

This one is almost a reflex reaction for some people – but if you see something stuck to your car, don’t use your fingernails to scratch it off. A kitchen scrub pad is off limits too, no matter how hard it is to get grime off your car.

Your car’s paint is very sensitive, and using fingernails or rough surfaces could cause more harm than good.

Don’t use sandpaper on your car

The first step of just about every DIY car paint repair is to sand down the damaged area before using paint to touch up the spot. This is fine when done by a professional but when the repairer isn’t a deft hand, you’re running the risk of damaging the paint surrounding the problem.

In this instance, you may actually end up ruining the good paint and creating a bigger problem, which the professionals will likely need to fix.

Don’t leave paint damage for too long

Minor paint damage can turn into major paint damage very quickly – costing you much more in time and in money. For this reason, if you have an issue with your car’s paint, you’re best to call in the professionals sooner rather than later.

If you live in Sydney or the surrounding area and have paint damage you want to get checked out, contact Bumpertek today for a free, no-obligation car paint repair quote today.