Common Mag Wheel Issues and Mag Wheel Repairs Sydney

There is nothing like a set of mag or alloy wheels to add visual impact or character to your car. But equally, we know how detracting scuffs, scrapes and dents on your wheels can be. And it’s easy to do! Whether you’ve hit a large pothole, or road debris, or scraped your wheel on a kerb, you’ll often see the impact on your wheels.

But the good news? Mag wheel issues can often be easily addressed. Read on to hear about common mag wheel issues, mag wheel repairs, why they should be fixed and how to maintain your wheels.

What are some common types of mag wheel damage?Alloy or mag wheel damage can come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of severity. But there are three common types of issues that we see regularly:

Kerb rash is, by far, the most common type of wheel damage we see at Bumpertek. Many drivers navigating tight streets in Sydney (particularly the inner city) will come up against tight turns or parking spaces – sometimes leading to contact with the kerb. Generally, the damage will be a scratch or scuff but in extreme cases, part of the wheel may actually be chipped.

Pothole damage is another extremely common cause of wheel damage and one that we see often. While this type of damaged can be caused by hitting an stationary object or road defects, potholes are typically the culprit here. After all, if your tyres and suspension are unable to absorb the force impact of hitting a pothole, the forces will be transferred to your wheel, which can lead to it cracking if it can absorb it.

Corrosion is less common, as it tends to be the outcome of kerb damage which hasn’t been rectified or sometimes using a sulphuric acid-based wheel cleaner. This can sometimes lead to the paint peeling or the wheel coording, creating a ‘pitted’ appearance.

Why fix mag wheel damage?

There are a number of reasons to fix mag wheel damage – and not all of them are cosmetic! Driving on damaged wheels can sometimes be a problem. If the wheel is bent or cracked, it could impact the structural integrity of the wheel, making it dangerous to use.

In other instances, even where it’s not unsafe to drive on, the damage could be leaving you vulnerable to further damage and costs down the track. For instance, a scrape on your wheel can leave the metal open to the elements, risking eventual corrosion. While it might not seem urgent, what appears to be a cosmetic repair is actually essential to provide further wheel decay.

How do I keep my wheels in good condition?

Keeping your wheels in tip-top shape is simple but it does require an ongoing effort. First of all, it’s important to regularly clean wheels to prevent dust corroding your wheels. For this reason, when you wash your car, take the time to ensure your wheels and rims are well maintained too. Once cleaned, your wheels should be given a polish with a good quality polish or wax.

What if my mag wheels are already damaged?

If your mag or alloy wheels are already sporting some damage, then you’re best off reaching out to the professionals! If you live in Sydney or its surrounding area, reach out to Bumpertek to see how we can help address the damage to your wheels.

Bumpertek is a mobile car scratch and bumper repair service – meaning we come to you! You can get a high-quality car repair, without having to leave your car at a panel beater for days on end. We’ve been servicing the greater Sydney area for more than a decade, providing professional, convenient repairs.

Reach out to us today so we can assess the damage to your car and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.