Cracked, Dented or Scratched: A Complete Guide to Car Bumper Repairs

Bumpers are one of the most commonly damaged parts of a car – with good reason! A bumper is designed to absorb the impact to your vehicle and protect it. But that doesn’t mean you’ll want to leave it if it does get damaged.

There are a number of reasons car bumpers can crack but, more often than not, it’ll be because it has hit something unexpectedly. Whether it’s a high kerb or a pylon in an underground carpark, the force of impact can cause a crack or dent.  Once it’s damaged though – it’s something you’re going to want to fix. Not only do cracked bumpers look unpleasant but they can cause larger safety issuesSo what do you need to know when it comes to bumper repair?

What are the types of bumper damage?


The type of repair your car will need to fix its bumper will ultimately depend on the type of damage it has sustained.

In situations where the type of bumper damage is severe, it is likely the entire bumper will end up being replaced with a newly manufactured part. Sometimes this part is sent with a pre-intermediate coat treatment or primer, in other cases it isn’t. The repair work needed for this new bumper to blend in with the car will be different in each case.

In other cases, the bumper won’t have been damaged enough to require a new part – in which case it can be repaired. This will usually be the case when the bumper hasn’t been structurally impaired, as the case with a crack.

Ensuring you’re addressing the damage in the right way is the most critical step in the process. For this reason, it’s important to get a professional in to assess the extent of the damage and determine when a replacement might be a more viable option, or whether a repair is possible.

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How are damaged bumpers fixed?

 If a bumper repairer assesses your car’s damage and determines that a repair is the best option for your bumper, they’ll typically undergo a number of key steps.

However, it’s worth noting, the process of repairing the affected area will differ greatly spending on the material which can be plastic, fibreglass or metal.

1. Surface cleaning and sanding: This is used to entire a clean surface for the repair. It can include blowing the surface with an air gun to remove any surface dust and grime and then a clear with soap and water. After this, the area is sanded to ensure it is ready for the cracks to be repaired.

2. Applying a plastic putty: Once the area is clean and sanded, it’s ready to be repaired. A putty is used to fill cracks and scratches and ensure the finished product is smooth. After the putty is applied, it is then sanded using a refining sandpaper.

3. Painting: When the damaged area has been filled in, it’s time for the repair to be covered in paint. This process requires precision and multiple steps including finding the correct paint match, applying a primer and painting the area.

Why are bumper repairs necessary?

 If the above sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is! But bumper repairs are incredibly important, which is why it pays to call in the professionals.

We all know bumper scratches, cracks and dents look unappealing, which can have a big impact on the value of your car if you’re looking to sell it. However, beyond aesthetics, there is a far bigger issue with a damaged bumper – safety.

Your bumper’s primary purpose is to absorb impact and a weakened bumper won’t be able to do so. A crack in your bumper can impact its structural integrity, offering less protection in the event of an accident.

Further, a damaged bumper means that your car is more exposed to the elements, such as water seeping in. This can cause rust, which means your entire bumper could need to be replaced.

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So what should I do next?

If your bumper is sporting some damage and could do with a repair – we recommend you call in the professionals. If you live in Sydney or its surrounding area, reach out to Bumpertek today for a free, no obligation quote on your next bumper repair. Follow us on Facebook!