DIY Car Scratch Repair vs. Professional Repairs: Which is Right for You?

Scuff, scrape, scratch, prang or dent – whatever you call it, damage to your vehicle isn’t the best way to start your day. Not only is it unsightly and can detract from your car’s aesthetic appeal, but left too long, deep marks and damage can sometimes cause larger issues. It’s little wonder that most people are keen to rectify damage to their car’s paint ASAP.

If you’re exploring a way to repair your car’s paint, it’s likely you’ve come across the myriad of articles and videos explaining the process of a DIY car scratch repair. And, with the cost of living skyrocketing in Australia at the moment, there is no doubt it’s a tempting suggestion.

But DIY options aren’t always the best or even cheapest option. In fact, sometimes they can cost you more overall. And, while it’ll come as no surprise that – as a professional repair service – Bumpertek will usually recommend opting for professional repairs over DIY, there are some fairly compelling reasons to weigh up your options.

Car painter in a protective suit and mask paint a auto bumper in a painting booth.

So, what should you be considering when it comes to deciding whether a professional or DIY car scratch repair is right for you?

Do you know how to repair a paint scratch or dent?

If you’re handy with a paint brush or have a background in car paint repair, fixing your car’s scratch yourself may be an effective option. However, if you’re a novice, it could end up costing you more money overall.

Using the wrong products or applying paint incorrectly could create a problem which will require professional attention to rectify. Often, asking a professional to fix a DIY job-gone-wrong will cost far in excess of the original damage the client was hoping to fix.

For instance, think about the challenge of getting the right colour match. Professional repairers use tools to ensure the colour of any repairs match the colour of the car exactly – think of it like getting wall paint mixed at Bunnings. This isn’t usually an option for DIY repairs – but it’s critical to the quality of the repair.

Is it worth your time?


Fixing a scratch or dent on a car – to a high-quality finish – is a time consuming and often expensive process.

Not only does it require considerable effort to research and ensure you know how to effectively repair the damaged site, there is then a cost outlay in having  the right products and tools to complete the job – and that’s before taking into account the time it takes to actually do the repair.

Compare this to the ease of a professional mobile repair service. In this instance, getting your vehicle fixed is simple: you contact the repair service, send an image or photo of the damage, receive a quote and book in the repair at a time and place that suits you. Easy!

Do you have the skills?

The old adage ‘practice makes perfect’ is true when it comes to painting. Things can and will go wrong if you’re inexperienced at not just painting – but painting cars.

Common car paint issues can include craters or fish eyes, which can appear during and after laying down a coat of paint and is often caused by silicone or wax contamination.

Another one that comes up often with hobbyist paint jobs is blushing, where a milky white film appears on the paint surface and can be caused by spraying paint in humid conditions as the moisture in the air condenses on the paint. The fix for both of these is usually to refinish the surface or repair the area.

Is it time to call in the professionals?

If your car needs a paint repair and you’re not confident in your skills as a DIYer, it might be time to call in the professionals. For Sydney-siders (or those in the surrounding area), reach out to Bumpertek today to get a free, no-obligation quote on getting a high-quality car paint repair, today.