Do the maths: Is it really worth buying that expensive new car?

Feel like an update? Whether it’s because your car is looking dated, old or damaged, if you’ve been driving around in the same vehicle for a while, you might be in the mood to trade it in for a new model.

Brand New Elegant Car with Large Gift Bow

With January heralding the start of early-year plate clearance sales, buying new may seem like an easier option than getting the minor dents and scratches on your existing car repaired. But is it worth the cost?

Not always. There are a number of reasons why repairing your existing car can give you the best of both worlds: a new-looking vehicle without the hit to your wallet.

Getting the timing right

In today’s volatile economic climate, splashing the cash on a depreciating asset doesn’t always add up.

New car sales are often used as a marker for consumer confidence and, in turn, the economic health of the country. In Australia, the recent numbers haven’t been positive.

New car sales dropped 9.1 percent in October 2019 from the same month in the previous year. It’s the 19th month in a row that new car sales have fallen.

Don’t despair, repair

If the economy is making you nervous or you simply don’t want to fork out for a new vehicle, you can still get a great result by repairing your existing car.

If the damage to your car is purely cosmetic – think dents, scratches and scrapes – than it won’t surprise you to hear the cost of repairs will be significantly cheaper than the tens of thousands it will cost to buy a new car altogether.

But did you know it will also save you money in the long run? By keeping your current vehicle in good condition, when you do eventually go to sell it you’ll get the best possible sales price.

The right fix

You may be wondering if the cost of fixing those bothersome car dents and scratches is worth it. After all, they don’t stop you driving your car. Why would you bother addressing minor repairs?

To that we say – why wouldn’t you! The cost of cosmetic fixes are not as expensive as you may think. And for a minor outlay, you’ll have a car that looks and feels great, without the expense of buying another vehicle.

When it comes to repairs, there is another cost to factor in – your time. Going to a panel beater means you’ll likely have to organise transport to and from the repair shop, and find a way to get by without a car for several days or weeks.

Luckily, there is another alternative. You can instead opt for a mobile bumper repair and car scratch repair service, where a technician will come to you. It means you can continue to go about your day without interruption, while your car bumper or scratch repair goes on in the background. Mobile bumper and car scratch services cost less – in terms of time and expense!

If you’d like to find out how to make your car look at its best, contact Bumpertek now for an obligation-free quote.