Do you have to remove old paint before a car paint repair?

As any car enthusiast can tell you, when it comes to a car paint repair, the devil is in the details.

If we’re talking about a minor scratch made during the hustle and bustle of life, it is oftentimes easier to fix than you think. While it might be frustrating to look at and will leave your car vulnerable to rust, it can usually be remedied quickly and invisibly.

However, when it comes to more severe damage, it is less likely your car’s damage can be repaired with a simple paint job. It means your repair will be more involved.

So, how can you tell whether your car paint repair is minor or major? Will your repairer need to remove much of your old paint before they start?

To help you out, Bumpertek has prepared a few handy hints about what you need to know before your next car paint repair.

If the existing paint is in good condition

When it comes to modern cars, if the existing auto paint is in good condition, then it is possible to paint over it.

However, it is vital that you know the paint will hold up.

If you are fairly confident that the paint on the car is either factory original or a respray that was done properly in the past and there is no evidence of cracking, peeling or bubbling, then it’s possible to paint over it.

But in this instance, your repairer will still need to sand down the paint on the car smoothly and evenly before doing so.

If the car is relatively new and you just want to change its colour, it’s the same deal: sanding down the existing paint should be fine.

However, not all modern cars have good paints, primers and sealers, so it’s vital you understand this before any painting occurs.

What if the paint is in poorer condition?

Even if your car is in poorer condition, it can be saved.

This is usually the safer bet: sanding down the car’s surface before it is covered in a good sealer and primer.

In this case, it’s important to ensure the surface is nice and smooth before spraying the sealer over it.

From there the car can be painted over with whatever colour you want the vehicle to be.

In reality it’s not this simple

While the process should be relatively straight forward, most paints are marked for a reason. In this situation, it usually requires a bit more hands-on labour.

Most cars needing a paint job also have dings, dents, scrapes and other surface problems that are unlikely to be sanded out.

And, in this situation, painting over the problem won’t work.

Instead, a repairer will need to sand the car down and shoot the dings or the whole body with high-filled primer. Once that process has occurred, the car can then be painted, again preferably adding a coat of sealer or primer to protect the paint in the future.

Leave it to the professionals

If all of this primer, sealer and sanding studs sounds like too much effort you can simply leave it to the professionals.

For those in Sydney and its surrounding area, Bumpertek should be your first call to remove scratches and repair the paint of your car.

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