Do you know how to change a car tyre?

Change a flat car tire on road with Tire maintenance, damaged car tyre

It seems to only happen at the worst or most inconvenient times – but just because a flat tyre is stressful doesn’t mean replacing it has to be as well.

Most commonly caused by a sharp object, a flat tyre can vary from mild to severe depending on what caused the impact. Often, it’s because you’ve driven over something such as a thick piece of glass or a nail.

Whatever the cause Bumpertek is here to help with a simple guide to get you back on the road and to your desired location safely. Here are the simple steps on how to change a car tyre.

What do I need?

Luckily for motorists, most modern vehicles come equipped with all the items needed to change a tyre, which can usually be found in the boot of the vehicle. This includes:

  • A spare tyre
  • A jack
  • A wheel brace.

What do I do?

  1. Pull over safely

If you’re driving along and hear a sudden thump, slowly pull over to the side of the road and, if possible, park a safe distance away from the road and passing cars. See if you can find a firm, level surface and put your hazard lights on to let other motorists know you are there.

  1. Loosen wheel nuts

Take your equipment and spare tyre from the boot of your car. If you have hubcaps, remove them from the flat tyre (which is likely clipped on) and use your wheel brace to loosen each wheel nut by a full turn.

Remember – the saying is ‘righty tighty, lefty loosey’ for a reason. Turning a bolt or nut anti-clockwise will normally loosen it, whereas turning it clockwise, or to the right, will tighten it.

  1. Place jack under the car

Once all the nuts are loose, look at your vehicle’s manual to find the correct point to place the jack. This is usually underneath the vehicle’s frame, alongside the tyre that is flat.

  1. Raise the car

Slowly wind the jack to raise the vehicle until there is a 5-10cm gap between the road and your tyre.

  1. Remove wheel nuts

Remove each wheel nut completely. Make sure you put them in a safe place – you’ll need them for later.

  1. Replace flat tyre with the spare

Slowly remove the flat tyre and place it under the car, using it as a support mechanism in case the jack gives way. Take your spare tyre and line it up with the wheel holes before placing the tyre onto the wheel hub.

  1. Replace wheel nuts

Put the wheel nuts back into place and tighten them as far as you can using your hand.

  1. Lower the car and tighten wheel nuts

Remove the flat tyre from underneath the vehicle and wind the jack down until the spare tyre is taking on the vehicle’s weight. Now you can remove the jack. Use the wheel brace to fully tighten your wheel nuts.

  1. Put hubcap back on

If you have a hubcap, place it back onto the new wheel or store it safely in the boot.

  1. Pack up and drive away

Once you have successfully secured the tyre back into place, it’s time to put your tools in the boot and continue on your journey.

See – that was easy! But not all car repairs are something you can do yourself. If your car has dents or scratches that could do with a touch up, then you’ll want to call in the experts. Contact Bumpertek today for an instant, obligation-free quote!