Does a cracked car bumper need to be replaced?

Whether you’ve reversed into a pole at the local shopping centre, or have gotten into a car accident – there are numerous ways your bumper can be damaged and then you’ll need a car bumper repair.

Bumpers are ultimately designed to absorb impact and protect your vehicle – and the people inside it. But, while they can withstand quite a bit of punishment, they aren’t meant to repel everything they hit. And when they do sustain damage, you may be left wondering: “Should I repair or replace my bumper?”

In some instances, the damage to your existing bumper can be repaired, with the dent simply pulled out and any paint scratches fixed. However, if the problem is extensive, the entire bumper may need to be replaced.

How can you tell the difference? Here are common types of bumper damage and the best way to commonly fix them.




When it comes to bumper damage, scratches are the type most likely seen by car owners. Light scratches happen easily – someone brushing up your parked car or a scrape against a wall will leave these marks all over your bumper.

Luckily, these are easily repaired. Very light scratches can be buffed out with some wax which is available at all quality auto shops.

Deeper scratches, however, will need professional attention from a car bumper repair service. In this case, the car bumper repair technician will undergo a process of matching your car paint and professionally repairing the damage. However, unless the damage is particularly substantial, you’ll be able to avoid getting an entirely new bumper – saving you money and time.



A more substantial accident or impact may leave a dent on your car bumper as well as scratches. While a dent may look alarming, in a lot of cases these can also be fixed by a car bumper repair service rather than requiring a new bumper.

Similarly to dents in the body of a car, repairers are usually able to fix bumper dents by massaging it back into shape or using a specialty device to pull the dent outwards.

In many cases, there may be scratches surrounding the dent, which will need to be repaired separately.


Cracks, however, are another story. A crack means there is a gap in the bumper’s material which can impact the level of protection it will provide in a crash. For this reason, a crack will need to be covered with filler before being painted over to blend in the rest of the vehicle.

However, the deeper the crack, the more it will impact the structural integrity of the bumper. In those cases, you’ll want to replace rather than repair the bumper to ensure its protection is restored. A car bumper repair technician, such as Bumpertek, should be able to provide an assessment and tell you whether the crack on your bumper can be repaired or replaced.


Breaks are among the most severe damage your car bumper can sustain. In some cases, this damage can be repaired and the process will be similar to the one used to address bumper cracks. However, if the damage is severe or in a location that impacts its structural integrity, you’ll likely need to replace it entirely.

In addition, bumpers have hooks on them which help them adhere to the car. If these hooks are broken, a repair won’t be possible, and the car will need a replacement bumper instead.

But no matter the damage to your car bumper, you’ll want to ensure you speak to a professional to understand the extent of the problem and how it can best be rectified. If you live in Sydney (or its surrounds) and have a bumper that may need to be repaired, get in touch with Bumpertek for a free, no obligation quote today.