Electric cars: Are they worth the hype?

There is no doubt about it — ‘electric vehicles’ are the words on every car lover’s lips. And while Australian policy incentives for the take up of these cars might be limited, interest from the public is anything but.

Electric car

While the figures themselves are still low, Australian sales of electric cars tripled in 2019. More of them are coming on the market too, with 28 models already for sale locally, including eight priced below $65,000.

With all the buzz around it’s only natural to start thinking about electric cars when it’s time for your next vehicle upgrade. But how can you tell if one is right for you?

Better for the environment

By far the greatest selling point for electric vehicles is their lower environmental footprint. They have no exhaust emissions meaning they have far less impact on the environment than petrol vehicles.

In addition, if you’re able to charge your electric vehicle from a renewable source such as solar, the carbon footprint of charging your car could be zero too. Even if you have to charge your vehicle from the Australian grid (which is predominately coal-generated) your footprint will still be better than regular vehicles, as electric cars are more energy efficient.

That’s a big win for the environment.


Electric cars cost lessoverall

There is no getting around it — electric vehicles are more expensive than regular petrol cars. The cheapest model currently on the market is the MG ZS EV at $43,990 drive-away — a considerably higher price than for similar small SUVs.

But while you might have a higher initial investment, where you might win out is your running costs. Electric vehicles cost substantially less per-kilometre than petrol or diesel models — in fact, Federal Government modelling suggests it could be as little as one-third of the cost per 100km. It means buying an electric car could be far better for your wallet in the long run.

It’s not just fuelling your electric car that will be cheaper — the maintenance costs are likely to be as well. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than cars with internal combustion engines. With fewer internal parts to break, you’ll save in repair costs over the life of your car.

Your biggest maintenance cost? It’s likely to be your battery but they can last up to 15 years.

Whisper quiet, instant power

It may be a plus or minus depending on your preference but a consideration with electric vehicles is the sound — or lack thereof. Electric cars have instant torque meaning they are quiet. While it can be unnerving at first, it does allow for a more powerful, relaxing drive.

There is plenty to weigh up if you’re on the fence about an electric car. But if you’re thinking of diving in, now might be the time to repair your existing vehicle for sale.

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