Getting Your Alloy or Mag Wheels Repaired in Sydney

Wheel Alloy Wheels Rim or Mag Wheel high performance auto part decoration  [/caption]

There are few things more noticeable than scuffed, scratched or damaged mag wheels. Not only is it an easy way to ruin your day, it often comes from the simplest mistakes; rubbing up against a high kerb, misjudging a parking space or striking a pothole.

Luckily, most minor damage can be repaired, restoring your mag wheels back to showroom condition. However, while DIY might seem like the way to go, don’t believe the YouTube videos – it can cause more harm than good. Here’s why mag wheel repairs should be left to the professionals.

Ensuring the right colour match

The last thing you need is to spend hours on an alloy wheel repair – only to find it doesn’t match the rest of the wheel. Worse yet, is having the damage above the wheel not match the rest of the car. A poorly repaired rim can be as noticeable as a scratch or scuff.

So how can you ensure that you correctly match the colour? By enlisting a professional mag wheel repair specialist. If you need a mag wheel repair in Sydney, let Bumpertek worry about colour matching – we’ll ensure they look as good as they can.

Professional job won’t devalue your car

Trying to sell your car? Marks on mag wheels – no matter how minor you may think they are – is one way to warn a potential buyer that your car has been mistreated and can lead to a significant drop in value. Don’t be tempted to fix it yourself. A DIY job can be noticeable, but a professional alloy wheel repair will leave your alloy wheels looking pristine. While mag wheel repair might seem like an expense, chances are you’ll be saving money in the long run.

Won’t cause further damage

When an alloy wheel repair is done correctly not only is the mark repaired, it is sealed meaning additional damage will not occur. It means you can have peace of mind, knowing the damaged rim has been completely and professionally restored.

Mag wheels are a significant investment – and should be treated like one. If you need a mag wheel repair in Sydney, get in touch with Bumpertek today for a free quote.