How do I keep my car paint shiny?

Some cliches exist for a reason – and a love of shiny cars is a fine example. It’s one of those universally beloved things, like a summer’s day or the sound of waves lapping on the shore of a beach.

close up view of luxury shiny car in auto salon
close up view of luxury shiny car in auto salon

There is even a clever rationale as to why you might prefer shiny cars. Gleaming paint exaggerates the shape of a car making the design lines easier to see. So it’s not just a trick of the light – that shiny paint is making your car look sleeker.

But, as your car gets older, keeping the paint looking its best can become more challenging. If you want to keep your car paint shiny, here are some tips and tricks you can use today.

Keep it covered

Every Sydneysider knows just how hot our city can get – especially in summer. Our bright, sunny days are one of the main features of our city and a key reason tourists flock to our shores in the warmer months.

But if you’re feeling the heat, it’s worth remembering your car is too. In fact, as a metal structure, cars run at an even higher temperature than our bodies. Not only can the harsh rays of the sun fade the paint on your car, but the heat itself can take a toll.

For this reason, if you’re leaving your car outside, it’s worth looking for shelter or cover to protect the paint – especially if it’s on a hot day. Even better? Find a cool spot in the shade to park for the day.

Use the right tools

Ensuring you’re washing your car correctly can not only give you a better result, but protect your paint. Using the wrong tools to clean your car may leave marks and scratches which can damage your paint – and detract from the shine.

As part of your regular washing toolkit, we suggest using a microfibre cloth. These feature small fibres which are able to collect dirt – providing a better clean and prevent you from moving small particles of dirt around as you clean your car, which can scratch your paint.

Don’t forget to wax!

Wax is a critical part of keeping your car’s shine – by waxing your car, you can help restore the gloss on your paint. But it does far more than that. Wax also acts to protect your car’s paint by adding a protective layer and can help remove minor scratches on the surface of the paint.

We suggest waxing at least every six months, to ensure you’re keeping your paint in good condition.

Address rust as soon as you can

Your car’s paint not only looks a treat but has an important purpose as well – it protects the metal body of your car from the elements. Without this layer, your car is susceptible to rust, which can cause a whole host of issues including structural issues and body damage.

With this in mind, if your car’s paint is damaged or starts coming off, it’s important to get it repaired and repainted as soon as possible to ensure rust doesn’t develop. Keeping an eye on this should be a regular part of your regular maintenance.

However, if you do notice your car’s paint is damaged or requires a repair – it’s time to call the professionals. Get in touch with Bumpertek today for a free no-obligation quote for your car paint repair!