How Do Weather Conditions Impact Your Car’s Paint?

There is one ever-present truth about Sydney – that you can often experience four seasons in one day. From baking-hot summers bringing blistering sunshine and hail-prone thunderstorms, through to cold winters and drizzle, Sydneysiders experience a myriad of weather conditions.

But, while you might be used to managing the weather when it comes to yourself – do you know how to protect your car’s paint? Left to the elements, your car’s paintwork can be vulnerable. It’s important to not only know what this impact could be but how you can minimise it – otherwise, you might be left needing a car paint repair. Not all weather conditions are created equal – so you might be wondering, just which ones should you be worried about when it comes to your car’s paintwork?

Sun damage

Sydney and its surrounding areas are renowned for hot and sunny weather. But all that holiday-making sun can wreak havoc on your car’s paint. Direct sunlight can cause paint to fade prematurely and, in significant cases, can cause your paint to oxidise which is where the paint peels off from its protective layers.

The result? Not only will this make your car look considerably less attractive but it compromises the important protective role your car’s paint plays. Car paint is important in protecting the body of your vehicle against rust, moisture damage and corrosion – and without paint it’ll be vulnerable to these elements.

To protect your car’s paint from sun try parking in the shade whenever possible but particularly in the harsh Sydney summer sun. Or better yet, find a covered garage or parking bay when you know you’ll be leaving it for long stretches of time.

Rain and hail damage

The other regular weather condition Sydneysiders experience is rain, particularly during humid summer seasons.

Water itself is obviously not a huge risk factor for car paint – but left on your clear coat for too long and they can cause water spots which become permanently etched into your paint. Wiping residual water off your car can avoid this damage.

A bigger risk factor still can often come hand-in-hand with rain: hailstones. Hailstones can pose a big issue to your car’s exterior, leaving tiny and difficult to remove dents which impact your car’s aesthetic appeal.

To protect your car’s paint from rail and hail try moving it under cover during bad thunderstorms. If cover is not available, a soft blanket covering your car can help soften the impact of falling hailstones.

Wind damage

Wind may seem like a fairly benign risk factor to your car’s paint but what it carries with it can have a big impact. Sand, dust and debris can often be blown around during windy conditions and this can have a big impact on your car.

Sand or dust is easily embedded in the ridges of your vehicle including the windshield. Even in small quantities, this can have a big impact on your paint job as the small fragments can rub against your car’s surface scratching your paint.

Bigger pieces of debris can cause even bigger issues. Branches and miscellaneous material can be picked up by the wind and hit your car, causing dents and scratches.

car paint repair, consider keeping your car covered, either by a physical structure such as a carpark or garage or by using a car cover to protect it.

Humidity damage


Nothing says Sydney summer more than humidity. But muggy weather can do more than just spoil your day – it can cause significant damage to your car.

The biggest issue for car paint with high humidity is the moisture, which can accelerate oxidation. This can lead to damage such as fading or peeling paint.

In addition, the moisture in the air from a humid day can seep into the body panels of cars. This moisture can cause rust to form in the metal of the car, causing issues down the track. To protect your car against humidity, be considerate of where you park it and try to keep it undercover where possible. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance can help avoid humidity damage.

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