How to Prevent Mag Wheel Damage: Tips for Sydney Drivers

Your wheels have two main functions. They obviously help your car move forward. But they also add to its visual appeal. So, there’s nothing more annoying than a detracting scuff, scrape or dent on your wheels. While it can look horrible, it is easy to damage your mags. To help Sydney drivers, we’ve explained a few of the common scenarios that will damage your mags and what you can do to prevent it.

How can damage occur?

Unfortunately, everyday driving can easily damage your mag wheels. Your wheels are one of the most exposed parts of your car, with even minor knicks onto your wheels potentially leaving scuff marks.

These can occur easily in your daily commute. Whether you’re driving and hit a pothole, bad weather causes debris to fall on the road, you drive too fast over a speed bump or slightly misjudge a parking situation, all of these are likely to leave marks on your mag wheels.

Due to this, even the safest and most careful drivers can sometimes scuff their mag wheels.

Tips for Sydney drivers to avoid damage


Now that you know how easy it is to damage your mag wheels, here are a few handy tips for Sydney drivers to hopefully avoid damage.

Mind your parking: 

One of the easiest ways to damage your mag wheels is careless parking. Avoid parallel parking in unfamiliar areas and take your time when parking next to a curb.

Watch for debris and potholes:

Another common way to scratch your mag wheels is running over debris on the road or hitting a pothole. In either situation, drivers are best to avoid these whenever possible. If you have to run over these obstacles, you should take care and drive slowly over them.

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Approach speed bumps carefully:

Much like potholes, if you drive quickly over a speed bump, you can easily damage your mag wheels. To avoid this, you should take care when driving around speed bumps, including reducing your speed to ensure you don’t damage your wheels.


Drive defensively: 


While this is generally a good tip for drivers in Sydney at large, if you are looking to protect your mag wheels, you should drive in a manner that matches the road conditions. This means you should be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for potential hazards that can arise.

Keep your mags clean: 

You might not think it matters much, but keeping your wheels clean can help prevent future damage. This is because dust can accumulate in your car’s alloy wheels.  Further still, weather elements and curb damage can compromise the clear coat of your mag wheel, which can cause pitting. This can diminish the look of your wheels and cause your tires to leak.

Regular wheel inspection: 

Finally, if you want to stop small issues becoming larger ones, you should be aware of the condition of your wheels. This includes looking for scuff marks, scratches or dents that may have occurred while driving. By catching these issues early enough, you can prevent further issues down the line.

What to do if your mag wheels get damaged


If you’ve noticed your mag wheels have scuffs, scratches and are in need of a repair, it might be time to call in the experts. The friendly team at Bumpertek can help repair your mag wheels, in just a few easy steps.

All you have to do is get in contact with Bumpertek. From there you can send a photo of the damage and Bumpertek will give you a obligation-free quote.

If you choose to accept the quote our technicians will meet you at a place of your convenience and we can repair your mag wheels. This can all be done without having to drop your car off to shop and waiting a week to get it back.