Is it worth getting my car scratches fixed?

You may think your car can handle anything — but you’d be surprised how easy it is to end up needing a car scratch repair, Sydney-siders.

puzzled and annoyed woman looking at scratch on car bumper after minor accident

Whether it’s parking your car in the wrong spot, having someone’s shopping cart brush up against it, or scraping your car up against a curb, scratches can occur at any time and leave your car with more than just a mark.

In fact, paint is one of the easiest parts of a car to damage, particularly if you don’t take extra care to look after it.

It’s also incredibly important in maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Your paintwork does a lot more than just keeping your car looking new and shiny — it is the key barrier protecting and stopping your car from rusting.

With that in mind, when is it worth getting your car scratches fixed?

When you want to ensure no further damage

You might not think the scratch on your car is too bad but leaving it is the last thing you should do. Scratches can impact the way your vehicle looks and can affect its value.

Once a car’s paint is scratched, the clear coat that protects it is usually removed, leaving your car vulnerable. Water, dirt, road, salt and debris from everyday use can seep through a deep scratch, eventually rusting the metal below.

When you’re concerned about value

Even if your car runs well and has low kilometres, putting a car for sale that is covered with scratches and dents can have a considerable impact on your resale price by limiting your pool of interested buyers.

Most car buyers will come to inspect the vehicle in person before they put up any money, and surface damage is among the most obvious issues they will spot — even to those who aren’t otherwise experts.

When you’re fixated on the scratch

As any car enthusiast will tell you: seeing a mark on your vehicle is enough to drive you crazy. There is psychology to it — if you know a mark is there, you’ll find yourself looking at it more often.

While you don’t have to be a car lover to enjoy having your vehicle looking pristine, living with one mark becomes a slippery slope.

Once you get used to seeing a blemish, you’re more likely to tolerate others and the imperfections will start to snowball. Before long, you’ve accumulated a ton of scratches and dings and reduced the overall value of the vehicle.

When shouldn’t you fix your car?

In rare circumstances, such as a scratch on a plastic bumper, there are no real risks of rust and other longer-term damage.

So, assuming you can stand the sight of a mark on your bumper, the decision is mostly on you.

Fixing it costs less than you might think

Factors including the type of scratch, where it is located on the car and how many layers deep it runs will determine the cost of the repair. But a professional repair is usually far more affordable than most people expect.

It is always best to reach out directly to a professional and get a quote that matches your specific issues.

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