Leather vs cloth car interior: Which should you choose?

Modern car interior

You’ve found the perfect make and model for your brand-new vehicle. Now, all that is left is to choose the interior — simple right? Wrong.

The interior of a car needs to match your lifestyle. Some drivers may want to splash the cash for fancier leather seats, while others prefer the simple comforts of a cloth interior.

Which one is right for you?

Leather for luxury

There are plenty of reasons to consider a leather interior for your next car.

Have you ever noticed how many luxury cars come with leather seats as standard? This is because leather is seen as a status symbol. If you’ve got a taste for luxury, you might want to splash out and pick the leather seats.

Leather not only looks great, it is practical for those who live a busy or active lifestyle because it’s water resistant. So, if you have a family who might have the occasional spillage on a long drive or for those who want to sweat it out pumping iron at the gym, the water resistant leather seat might be the choice for you.

But, hang on a minute. Doesn’t leather get incredibly hot in summer? If you’ve ever parked a car outside in the middle of summer you would know just how hot a leather seat can get. Equally, in very cool weather, the feeling of cold leather can be uncomfortable.

This is the major drawback to leather. If you live in a particularly warm or cold climate, you’ll feel it when you step into your car.

Cloth comes roaring back

While leather seems great — provided you can keep your car away from direct sunlight — you might have to pay a premium to get it.

If spending a fortune on a fancy seat that will not enhance your car’s performance doesn’t sound ideal to you, you can always get the cloth seat.

And for those who are worried about spills and stains from the kids, one option is to simply put a towel over the seat.

So, what should you choose?

At the end of the day, both leather and cloth seats have their pros and cons and it really comes down to individual choice.

Yes, we know it might not solve your problem but it’s the truth. So, when trying to choose between leather or cloth, consider your wallet and your lifestyle, and remember — either way you can’t really go wrong.

Now that we’ve got the inside of your car sorted let’s talk about the outside.

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