Looking For A Car Paint Repair, Sydney?

Maybe you took your car to the supermarket – and it was sideswiped by a trolley or perhaps you clipped the kerb while parking. You may have even left it under a tree, only for the wind to pick up and a tree branch to fall on it.

Car painter in a protective suit and mask paint a auto bumper in a painting booth.

Whatever your situation, car scratch and bumper damage can feel inevitable for those of us who live, work and drive around Sydney. But when it happens, it can be frustrating to say the least.

If your car is sporting scratches and dents, Bumpertek can help. We specialise in small cosmetic paint repairs to keep your car looking its best.

But if you’re not sure a car paint repair is for you, here are a few other reasons why you should call us today.

Increase your car’s value

Even if you’re not planning on selling your car today, you may in the future – and you’ll want the best possible sale price for it. A car with scratches and dents all over it will make it harder to negotiate a price

that suits you.

Buyers don’t want to pay top dollar for a car that needs body work. Scratches and dents are generally cheap to repair but buyers will be put off by obvious damage. Addressing these can be one of the cheapest returns-on-investment you’ll make in increasing your car’s value.

Further, first impressions count – and a vehicle with paint damage tells any potential buyer that this car has not been looked after. Keeping your car well maintained will make it easier to sell when the time comes.

Prevent further damage

So, you have damage to your car’s paint – but what’s the harm? It’s not like it impacts your ability to drive it, so it can wait, right?

Wrong. Leaving scratches on your car can lead to further damage, which will cost you even more to fix when you inevitably need to do it. Paint scratches leave cars susceptible to rust which can cause serious damage to the exterior of your car, creating a bigger problem in the future. Save yourself the headache – and save yourself money in the long run – and get that car scratch fixed today!

We come to you

Getting your car scratches and bumpers fixed is not only good for your car and your wallet but it’s convenient too. Bumpertek is a mobile bumper and scratch repairer which means – we come to you!

You tell us the date and time that works for you and one of our repairers will fix your vehicle at your own location. It’s perfect for crossing off that to-do list while we all stay at home to do our bit for the COVID-19 pandemic, or for managing your car repair around your busy schedule. We also offer a completely contactless service, making it easier for you to maintain social distancing.

Support a small, local business and keep Sydney’s economy thriving – while getting your car repaired in the convenience of your own home. Contact Bumpertek today for your free, no-obligation quote.