Mobile Car Bumper Repairs

Want top dollar for your car? Fix your bumper first

Have you ever tried to sell your car only to be offered thousands of dollars less than you expect? If it’s mechanically sound, in fine working order and has low mileage, you might be left wondering what the culprit is.

Just like trying to sell a house that needs a new coat of paint, the physical condition of your car can be the determining factor between the price you want and the one you get. As Auto Guide explains:

Visually, if the car appears to be dinged up, rusty, scratched, worn out and rough, it will suffer from a poor resale value.”

Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than a car that needs a bumper repair. A cracked or scratched bumper can make a vehicle look as though it needs significant work done, when it’s often a simple fix. While you might not see the value in repairing a product you want to get rid of, when it comes to cosmetic issues, it’s often the case that you have to spend money to make money.

How can I keep bumper bar repairs cheap?

Naturally, if you’re looking to sell your car, you don’t want to spend a fortune getting it repaired. Why spend thousands of dollars fixing a vehicle that will hopefully no longer be yours? Luckily, a quality bumper repair does not need to cost the earth. In fact, in many cases, it’s not even a job that requires work from a smash repairer.

Using mobile bumper repair services, you can have your bumper bar looking as good as new, without feeling a hit to your wallet. In fact, you can organise a free inspection and quote to gauge costs before committing to your bumper bar repair. And best of all, by replacing your cracked bumper, the resale value increase will likely put you in front.

Can my bumper bar repair be done quickly?

Great so it’s not going to cost thousands, but won’t getting a bumper bar repair take time out of my day? Who has the time for that?

There is nothing worse than trying to maintain a busy life while finding the time to drop a car off for a bumper bar repair – and managing without a car until it’s fixed. This is a real setback of going to a panel beater.

Luckily mobile bumper repair services come to you, meaning you can get that cracked or scratched bumper fixed, without having to rearrange your day. There is no waiting around for your car to get out of the shop either – generally most cars will be ready to drive again in a matter of hours.

Will fixing my cracked or scratched bumper bar improve my car’s value?

You might be worried getting that scratched or cracked bumper fixed won’t improve the price you end up with – but chances are it will. With consumer spending decreasing in recent months, the retail market is tipped in the buyer’s favour. They’re are able to be picky about what they want and they won’t splurge on a car that looks like it needs a lot of work.

After all you have to remember, you’re in competition with every other seller out there. So if you want to get top dollar it’s important to have your car looking its best.

So what can you do to get it ready for sale? When you need a bumper fixed you want it done quickly, for cheap and high quality. Luckily Bumpertek ticks all the boxes.

Situated in the heart of Sydney and services areas including Camden, Liverpool, Penrith and Parramatta, Bumpertek can replace or repair a cracked or scratched bumper in no time. In fact, while we’re fixing your bumper, we can also provide mobile alloy wheel repairs, give your car a buff and polish, and provide mobile paint repairs.

If you want to fix that cracked or scratched bumper and ensure top dollar for your car, contact Bumpertek Sydney today and schedule your free inspection and quote.