Mobile Car Paint Repair

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to end up with minor dents and scratches on your vehicle.

It can be frustrating but worse still, those ugly marks can lessen the value of the most well-maintained vehicle. If left untreated, it could lead to moisture ingress or rust.

While the damage can be annoying at best and expensive to fix at worst, it can often be easily repaired.

To help you decide on whether or not to fix your car scratch, Bumpertek has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about car paint repairs.

A man painting a car

What is a ‘mobile’ car paint repair?

Like the name suggests, a mobile car paint repair is a service that fixes vehicle damage.

Think like an auto body shop that will fix your vehicle, except the service comes directly to your door.

Mobile car paint repairers can address scrapes, scratches, scuffs, and dents on bumpers, as well as scratches and stone chips on your car paintwork. These technicians are also able to provide buff and polish services to make your car look pristine.

However, extensive damage is likely to need more specific repairs beyond paintwork, which your local body shop will be able to fix.

If in doubt, you can always ask your mobile scratch repairer for advice.

Can I do a car paint repair myself?

You might’ve seen the latest YouTube clip and think you can repair a scratch on your car.

Like everything, some people may in fact be able to fix a scratch on their car.

If you choose to brave it yourself, Bumpertek has previously provided a handy guide as to how to fix a scratch.

But be warned.

DIY repairs can often result in more damage being done than the original issue.

This could not only result in hours wasted, it could end up costing you more in the long-run to fix a mark that an industry professional could simply do.


 How much does a car paint repair generally cost?

The type of scratch, where it is located on the car and how many layers deep it runs through the paint will change the cost of the repair.

There are four main types of scratches with the cost increasing the deeper the scratch goes.

  1. Stone chips: These are small, deep, and localised, caused by debris flying and hitting your vehicle at high speeds. These are generally more minor than other forms of scratches.
  2. Scuffs and clear coat scratches: These scratches often occur during everyday driving through rocks and debris hitting the top layer of the paint.
  3. Primer scratches: Goes a little deeper than other scratches reaching the primer level but the metal underneath is not exposed.
  4. Deep Paint scratches: These are the deepest scratches with the metal being exposed.

For general repairs it will set you back $200 – 500 plus GST. But it’s important to remember this is an estimate for the cost of a mobile repair, with the more damage on the vehicle likely to lead to a larger repair bill.

 How long does a car paint repair take to complete?

Like everything car related, the time it will take will vary greatly depending on the damage done to the paint, although our technicians usually can deliver same-day service.

Removing a paint chip could take very little time, while deeper scratches will take longer to repair.

For specifics as to how long it will take to repair your vehicle, simply ask one of our technicians when booking.

What else do I need to know before booking a car paint repair?

All you need to know is an available date — we’ll do the rest.

Our mobile car paint repair specialists will give you an obligation free quote. Once you’ve agreed upon a date and price, our technicians will come to your place and fix your vehicle.

Yes — it’s that easy. So, contact Bumpertek today.