Mobile Scratch Repair or Insurance?

While we all do our best to avoid damaging our cars, the unfortunate reality is that accidents happen in everyday life. Whether you’ve parked in the wrong spot, looked away at the wrong time or misjudged a parking spot, scratching your car is easily done.

But luckily, so is repairing it with a mobile scratch repair.


Just because your car needs a scratch repair doesn’t mean you need to go through the hassle of insurance.

In many cases, a mobile scratch repair can easily fix your car for less than what it would cost to go through an insurer.

Plus, it avoids added complexities such as increasing premium costs and the time you’ll likely spend without a vehicle. This is especially so for minor scratches.

When should you go through an insurer?

Let’s start with when it’s best to go through insurance.

Just because most scratch repairs can be done by a mobile technician doesn’t mean in all cases it is suitable.

In instances when your vehicle is severely damaged or the cost of the repair is more than the excess, it might be better off to go through an insurer.

But keep in mind in these circumstances, you will be without a car for a number of weeks until the insurer has repaired your vehicle.

3 benefits of mobile scratch repairs

In most cases it’s easier to simply repair your car with a mobile scratch repair – and there are three key reasons why below:

  • Not going without your car for an extended period of time

Using a mobile scratch repair has the added benefit of not having to go days without your car.

Unfortunately, insurers will make you go to one of their providers and will keep your car for as long as they need it for assessment and repair purposes. This could mean you are without your vehicle for a number of weeks.

And while you might think you can manage without it, whether it is driving the kids to soccer practice right through to your daily commute, having the option of being able to drive is incredibly beneficial.

For this reason alone, choosing a mobile scratch repair service can outweigh going to an insurer.

Luckily, with same-day car repair, you’ll never have to make the choice between a vehicle with annoying scratches or having to work your life around a repair. Instead, our mobile repair specialists will fix your vehicle and allow you to drive it the same day.

  • We come to you

Don’t need your car every day?

Even if you’re one of the lucky few that can rely on public transport to get around, going through an insurer will mean you will still have to go to one of their authorised providers.

This means you have to organise your life around the time they give you, as well as find transportation to and from a traditional repair service.

Worse still, if nobody is available to help, you could be stuck with a costly Uber charge back home or to your home or place of employment.

Instead, mobile scratch repairers can take the hassle out of your day. You’re in control.

You choose the time, the day and the location. We do the rest.

Whether it is your place of work or your home address, our mobile car paint service makes it easier than ever to repair your car and get back out on the road.

  • Convenience

 Life is stressful enough, right? Why add to it by spending your life in your insurer’s repair shop.

Instead of spending your day reading through crappy magazines or trying to find another way home, why not take the convenient option of having someone come to you?

All you need to do is provide the car and a point of electricity and we will conveniently fix your vehicle.

If you would like to take the hassle out of repairing the marks on your vehicle, get in touch with us today.