Mobile Scratch Repair Sydney

Scratching a car is unfortunately incredibly easy to do. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, accidents can happen, leaving a more permanent reminder on your vehicle.

And while at best it puts you in a foul mood, those ugly marks could lead to moisture ingress or rust. It can turn what was an inconvenience into a more serious issue to deal with.

Not only can scratches look bad but they can also greatly reduce the value of a vehicle.

So, what can you do about it? To help make your life easier we’re answering your most common queries on how mobile scratch repairs work!

What is mobile scratch repair?

Mobile scratch repairs are similar to any other scratch repair that you’ll get at a workshop. But instead of the hassle of finding someone who can repair your car, we come to you.

What access will a mobile scratch repairer need? (i.e electricity, water etc)

While mobile scratch repairers will come to you, there are two things we will need in order to complete your repair:

  1. A live power source
  2. A safe place to work

How long will a mobile scratch repair take?

Like anything, the time it will take to fix can vary greatly and will depend on the size of the job.

Usually, a repair will only take a few hours to complete, but it can certainly differ depending on the damage on the car and work required.

However, we will always explain how long it will take to complete a job prior to starting, so that you can manage your day.

Do I need to do any preparation before a mobile scratch repair?

None at all. In fact, it is best if you do not touch the car prior to the repair. Leave it to the professionals!

How much does a mobile scratch repair cost?

The price of the repair will greatly differ depending on the size of the job and how much damage is on the vehicle.

The type of scratch, where it is located on the car and how many layers deep it runs through the paint will impact the work required and, therefore, the cost of the repair.

For general repairs it will set you back $200 – 500 plus GST. It’s important to remember this is an estimate for the cost of a mobile repair, with the more damage on the vehicle likely to skew the cost higher.

What types of scratches will be fixed during a mobile scratch repair?

There are four main types of scratches with the cost increasing the deeper the scratch goes.

  1. Stone chips: These are small, deep, and localised, caused by debris flying and hitting your vehicle at high speeds. These are generally more minor than other forms of scratches.
  2. Scuffs and clear coat scratches: These scratches often occur during everyday driving through rocks and debris hitting the top layer of the paint.
  3. Primer scratches: These go a little deeper than other scratches and reach the primer level but the metal underneath is not exposed.
  4. Deep paint scratches: These are the deepest scratches with the metal being exposed through the paint.

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