Mobile Scratch Repair – What’s Included and What’s Not?


Car damage can be hard to avoid. You could be pulling over to the side of the road and scrape a curb; parking your car at the local shopping centre; or driving along a gravelly road – when suddenly, your car has a scratch, scrape or scuff. And if your car is sporting some damage, you may be wondering how you can get it fixed with a mobile scratch repair.


Unlike traditional smash repair shops, mobile scratch repair services come to your home or work and repair your car’s damage onsite. Not only is this more convenient for you, it also means you won’t be without your car – and typically, the damage can be repaired in just hours.

If you’re thinking of getting a mobile scratch repair, it’s helpful to know what these services include and what damage it can best address.

So what’s included in a mobile scratch repair?

Stone chips

Stone chips are among the more common paintwork problems that can be found on cars, usually on the bonnet. They are easy to identify as they create small but deep damage in the paint, usually localised at a single point.

How do stone chips appear in car paintwork? Driving on gravel is usually the culprit.

When bits of debris are flicked up from the road from car tyres, they can hit your vehicle at speed. For this reason, they’re more commonly caused on high speed roads like motorways and highways.

It’s little wonder then that stone chips are tricky to avoid. But luckily, this is one type of damage which can usually be repaired with a mobile repair service.

Scratches, scrapes and scuffs

Whatever you want to call them, scratches, scrapes and scuffs can vary significantly in terms of severity and therefore, the amount of work needed to repair them. But there are generally three types of car scratches which are found on vehicles.

A clear-coat scratch is the most common type of car scratch and is usually very superficial. This is when the damage is limited to the outermost layer of paint on the car and can often be buffed out easily.

A paint scratch is where the damage has penetrated the next layer of the paintwork – the coloured paint itself. This is a deeper level scratch which is easier to spot but harder to repair.

A primer scratch is the deepest type of scratch and is where the damage has gone through all layers of the paint and exposed the metal bodywork of the car. It is extremely important to address this type of damage – without the paint to protect it, cars with primer scratches are exposed to issues like rust.

Depending on the specific scratches on your car, a mobile repair technician might be the solution for you. A quality repair service, such as Bumpertek, will be able to provide advice on your specific circumstances ahead of any repair work.


A dent is often the most alarming type of damage to look at when it comes to cars. It’s where an indentation is made in the car’s metal body and can often include scratches as well.

The cause of a dent can vary, but shopping trolleys or swinging car doors are typical culprits.

Smaller dents can often be addressed by a mobile repair technician, however larger dents can create structural issues in the car and may need to be fixed at a smash repairer.

If you’ve got damage on your car and aren’t sure whether a mobile scratch repair service is for you, the answer is simple – ask! If you live in Sydney or the surrounding area, Bumpertek will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on your car so we can ensure you get the best possible outcome given your unique circumstances. Contact us today!