More Time at Home? We’ll Come To You

Young man using a mobile phone near a broken car in the city.

While infinite Netflix marathons seem fun at first, more of us are increasingly looking for ways to keep busy and productive. If you’re finding yourself with more time at home, why not dust off that to-do list and get those car scratch, dent and paint blemishes fixed?

With mobile car scratch and bumper repairers like Bumpertek, you can keep up your social-distancing. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should consider calling Bumpertek today:

We come to you (but not too close)

Right now, the NSW Government is urging residents in Sydney and surrounding areas to avoid leaving their homes unless they need to do something essential — going to work, getting groceries, keeping up exercise or caring for a loved one. Get the scratch fixed on your beloved vehicle doesn’t appear on that list.

Luckily, mobile car scratch and bumper repairers like Bumpertek are able to come to you — so you can get your car fixed without having to leave your home. Our professional repairers follow strict social-distancing guidelines to ensure safety and adherence to government protocols.

Further, Bumpertek’s repairs are typically completed in hours and always to a timeframe that suits you. It means you won’t be left with your car languishing in a repair shop for days — a relief during this crisis where many are trying to avoid public transport.

Contactless service

In this unprecedented time, we appreciate many customers are trying to minimise contact with others for their own safety and to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19 in the community.

To address this need, we’re rolling out a contactless payment service — meaning you can pay our Bumpertek mobile repairers using your eftpos card instead of cash. Simply request contactless payment when you make your booking and we’ll arrange the rest!

 Support small, local business

Bumpertek is a local owned and operated business. Right now, these are the companies that need your support to weather the economic impact of COVID-19. By using our services you’ll receive a cost-efficient, quality scratch or bumper repair and be helping out a local Sydney business.

So if getting the scratch or bumper of your car fixed is an item on your to-do list, it’s time to put your time at home to good use — call Bumpertek today.