Need a car paint repair?

A car painter wearing protective clothing paints a car with an airbrush in an auto repair shop.

Maybe you clipped a kerb trying to park in Sydney’s narrow, inner-city roads or someone scraped your car with a trolley while you were parking in a suburban car park. Whatever your mishap – if you have a scratch or a dent, you’ll need a car paint repair to fix it.

But it can be hard to get around to – especially at this time of year. With holiday work and school functions to attend, Christmas gifts to buy, and friends and family to visit, fixing the car is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Yet, most people don’t realise there are very significant reasons to push your car paint repair further up your to-do list. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t delay getting scratches and dents fixed on your vehicle.

Scratches and blemishes can worsen over time

You probably don’t love the look of scratches and scrapes on your car – but you can learn to live with it, right? Wrong.

Beyond aesthetic issues (and we’ll get to that later), scratches can actually cause big problems down the track if you don’t get them addressed.

When a car’s paint is scratched, more often than not it also removes the clear coat – the thin layer of paint without any pigment, designed to protect your car from the elements such as sunlight, moisture and dust. Without this protectant, your car is vulnerable to further damage such as rust. Once rust sets in, it can spread and eat into the metal of your car’s frame, causing bigger (and more expensive!) problems.

Even if your scratch is small, fixing the issue will stop any further paint peeling, which could give way to rust in the future.

Paint damage diminishes your car’s resale value

You may not be looking to sell your vehicle now, but a car is a considerable asset, and keeping it’s value as high as possible is always a good idea. One key way to ensure this, is keeping the maintenance of your car up to date.

Fixing scratches and dents should be part of your car maintenance – even outside of the underlying issues that leaving this kind of damage can cause. A car with visible damage is a sign to the market that it hasn’t been cared for – even if it generally has been. This means you’ll be in a weaker negotiating position with your potential buyer, and unlikely to command the type of price you want if you go to sell it.

By keeping your car in tip-top condition, you’ll be able to maintain its value and be prepared for sale if you decide to sell.


They don’t look very good

If you use your vehicle for work or business purposes, your car will be part of the way you present yourself – like your clothes and demeanor. By being covered in dents or scrapes, your car won’t be making a great first impression and can look unprofessional.

Even if you just use your car personally, no one opts to drive around in a damaged vehicle. A scratched and dented car can look unsightly and may even change the way other road users react around you.

Thankfully, repairing the scrapes and scratches on your car doesn’t have to be difficult. With Bumpertek, there is no need to put off your car paint repair any longer. Our mobile service comes to your home or work and, in most instances, can provide you with a quality scratch repair in just a few hours.

Whether you need to buff out a minor scratch or are concerned about a deeper scrape, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote from our technician.