Road trip out of Sydney? Why you need post-COVID car care first

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Over the past few months, Sydney-siders have stayed at home to stop the spread of COVID-19. Without anywhere to go, the closest many of us have had to a drive is moving the car onto the lawn for a wash and polish.

Thankfully, many areas of Australia – including NSW – have gotten the outbreak under control and restrictions in these locations are starting to lift. But, if you’re itching for a road trip out of Sydney, you’ll need to ensure your car is as ready as you are by giving it some car care.

If your car has been sitting idle, what should you do before you hit the road?

Check your battery

The most common issue car owners experience after months of infrequent or no use is a flat battery. Even if you’ve been using your car through lockdown to zip to the shops, short trips don’t provide enough time for the engine to warm up and can be just as damaging.

Before embarking on a long trip, it’s worth checking the health of your battery with a local mechanic – even if it seems to working fine for the moment. Batteries often struggle in cold weather and you’ll want to ensure everything is in tip top shape before you head out on your next adventure.

Remove any debris

 If your car has been parked outside over the lockdown period, you’ll likely find leaves, sticks and other debris on your windshield. Not only does it look unappealing, but it can be damaging to your vehicle. Leaves and sticks can make their way into the mechanics of your car or block systems such as the cabin air filter or heater.

To fix, pop your bonnet and ensure there are no debris sitting under the hood. Leaves can also find their way under your car wipers, especially if your car has been sitting on the street, so make sure you check there too.

Ensure your oil and coolant levels are right

If it’s been weeks since you’ve driven your car, it’s likely to have been even longer since you’ve checked your coolant and oil levels. Before heading out, make sure all of these fluids are topped up and replaced.

While you’re under the hood, it’s also worth checking your brake fluid levels and topping up your wiper fluid. If these look low, it’s time to book a trip to the mechanic.

Check your tyres

Tyres are incredibly important – they keep us connected to the road. Before you start driving again, it’s critically important to make sure your tyres are in good condition.

The two key things you want to check are your tread and tyre pressure. It’s also worth looking for any visual damage that may indicate your tyres need to be replaced.

Mind the birds

If your car has spent lockdown outside, it’s likely you may have had some animal visitors – and they may have left some telltale signs. Bird poo on cars isn’t just unsightly but if left too long can damage your paint.

Bird droppings can eat through the clear coat of your paint or cause discolouration. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to keep your car clean, especially if you’re storing it.

But, if you’ve already left it too late, it’s time to call the car paint repair professionals from Bumpertek. As Sydney’s leading mobile car paint repairers, Bumpertek can fix car paint damage caused by bird droppings and other incidents in a quickly and effectively. Best of all, as a mobile paint repairer, Bumpertek comes to you and can ensure a contact-free experience through COVID-19.

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