Safeguarding Your Vehicle: Tips for Preventing Car Scratches

Car scratches are annoying and costly – but a fact of life. You could be going about your day when you brush up against the side of a kerb, park too close to a shopping centre pole or make contact with another vehicle. Just like that – your car will be covered in scratches, and you’ll be furiously searching “car scratch repair Sydney” into your Google or Bing search engine.

However, just because cars are exposed to hazards and scratches are common, doesn’t mean that you should be resigned to them. There are a number of things you can do to safeguard your car and prevent scratches. Scratched car paint is more than just aesthetically displeasing. If the scratch is deep enough to expose metal under the paint, it could lead to more serious problems. So what should you be on the lookout for in order to minimise your risk and leave your car scratch free?

Learn defensive driving techniques

Getting behind the wheel isn’t risk free – and this is where defensive driving can help. It refers to a set of safe responses to potential hazards from bad weather, debris on the road or other drivers.

Defensive driving courses can help you and other drivers stay safe on the road by giving you a toolset of practical skills you can employ while driving. By sticking to these rules when you’re driving, you can minimise potential damage to your car including scratches that could occur by being on the road.

Park smart by seeking covered spots

No matter how good a driver you are – and even if you use every defensive driving trick in the book – there is no guarantee the drivers around you will be too. Which is why it’s important to think about where you’re leaving your car when you’re not around.

Parking your car in high-traffic areas can leave you susceptible to damage – whether that traffic is other cars or just pedestrians. It’s easy for a neighbouring car door, shopping trolley or another driver trying to park to scratch or damage your car incidentally.

While it’s not always possible in busy areas like Sydney CBD or inner-city areas, we recommend leaving your car in a garage or protected areas instead of the sides of busy streets as much as possible. Using quieter parking garages or public transport when you’re attending busy events or areas can ensure your car stays protected.

Watch out for sun and tree exposure

Other people or cars aren’t the only parking risks to your paintwork – the elements can be too. Sun exposure can cause fading to paint which can be difficult and costly to fix. However, parking under trees to avoid the sun can be equally as risky – tree branches, seeds and tree sap can all be harmful to your car and cause scratches or paint damage too.


Refine your washing technique


Washing your car is a great way to keep the integrity of your paintwork – as long as you’re doing it correctly.

Incorrect washing techniques are commonly the cause of small scratches that can emerge on your car’s paintwork. Automatic car washes are a common culprit here, with the abrasive brushes used in these causing damage to paint. One remedy can be to ensure you’re washing your car by hand.


But this also isn’t risk free. The most common mistake here is using a dirty sponge or failing to use a microfibre cloth to clean. If dust and dirt are caught in your cleaning tools, you could be adding scratches as you clean your car. To avoid damage, ensure you’re using high-quality, non-abrasive cleaning products and ensure your cleaning technique is correct by rising frequently.


Get a professional buff and polish

Even if you’re careful when it comes to cleaning your car – nothing beats the professionals. Keep your car’s paintwork looking its best with a professional buff and polish.

By treating your car to a buff and polish service, you’ll maintain the longevity of your paint by keeping it clean and protected. Reach out to Bumpertek today if you’d like to explore how we can help you with our buff and polish services.

 Be mindful when refuelling

There are plenty of times where you’ll find yourself at the petrol bowser and in a hurry – and this is where your car can be at risk. An easy tip for keep your paint free from scratches is being careful when fuelling.


Bumps and scratches from fuel nozzles can cause lasting damage to your car. So keep an eye out when refuelling!


But even if you’re careful – scratches can happen. And when they do, you’ll want to call in the professionals. Reach out to Bumpertek today to get a free no-obligation quote for a car scratch repair in Sydney or its surrounding area.


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