Same Day Car Paint Repairs. Is it Possible?

Have you ever washed your car only to find minor paint damage, a crack on the rim or a bumper that just doesn’t look like it’s in showroom condition?

But what’s the alternative? For any many of us, being without a car for an extended period is neither convenient or practical. So instead, we’re left to decide whether to put up with marks we’d otherwise fix or rearranging possibly weeks of our schedules to address the issue.

Luckily, mobile repair services, including Bumpertek, mean that same-day paint repairs are no longer a pipe dream. With quick, convenient repairs, you won’t have to put off car paint repairs any longer.

So what are some of the benefits of same-day car paint repairs?

  • Not going without your car for an extended period of time

Whether it’s the daily run around with the kids, picking up the weekly shopping or trying to commute to work, for many being without a car is simply not an option.

For this reason, many of us put up with ugly marks on our vehicles, lowering the re-sale value of them in the process.

Luckily, with same-day car repair, you’ll never have to make the choice between a vehicle with annoying scratches or having to work your life around a repair. Instead our mobile repair specialists will fix your vehicle and allow you to drive it the same day.

Mechanic garage auto workshop team working service repair fix damaged front bumper accident car

  • We come to you

Don’t need your car every day? Even if you’re lucky enough to get around without your vehicle for an extended period, you’ll still face the hassle of organising transportation to and from a traditional repair service.

Organising someone to pick you up from the repair shop can be just as inconvenient as trying to arrange time without your vehicle. Worse still, if nobody is available to help you could be stuck with a costly taxi charge back home or to your place of employment.

Mobile paint repairers take the pain out of organising a trip by coming to you. You’re in control as you choose where to meet your repair technician and what time suits you best.

Whether it is your place of work or your home address, our mobile car paint repair service will allow you to get on with your life while we fix your vehicle.

  • Convenience

What’s better than organising your life around the bus schedule or spending endless hours in the repair shop?  Having the peace of mind knowing you can get on with your day while your mobile repair service comes to you.

All you need to do is provide the car and a point of electricity and we will conveniently fix your vehicle, restoring it back to showroom condition.

If you would like to take the hassle out of repairing the marks on your vehicle, get in touch with us today.