Signs of a bad car bumper repair


You’re probably aware that it doesn’t take much to damage your bumper, with even low impact collisions leaving ugly marks on your car. Worse still, you’ll be left finding someone that can fix your vehicle. Afterall, no one wants to be driving around with a damaged bumper. But this can lead to the problem of knowing whether or not your bumper has been properly repaired.


As the experts of quality bumper repairs, we thought we would run through the four most common signs of a bad bumper repair that you should keep in mind.



One of the easier ways to see if your bumper has been properly repaired is by looking at the colour. When you get your bumper repaired, the paint should match the rest of the car. If the colours on your repaired area do not seamlessly match the original paint job or you can notice the difference in colour, this could be a sign of a bad repair job.


If you have gone to a reputable repairer, they will usually ask you for a colour code, which you’ll be able to find most of the time in your owner’s manual.  From there the technician will respray your bumper, making sure the colours match.



Sticking with the paint theme here, you will also be able to see whether or not your bumper has been repaired correctly by assessing how much paint has been used.


Overspray is when you can see some new paint in areas that were not part of the repair job. This can be a sign of a bad repair job, as it usually means the car has not been masked up correctly to begin with.


It is a similar case for under spray, which is where not enough paint has been used to cover the entire repair area. Both are suggestive of issues in the quality of your repair.



If you’ve had your bumper repaired, you could check to see if it is properly fitted as a sign of a quality repair. Your bumper should be placed back on your car and should sit flush like it was prior to the accident. If your bumper doesn’t quite look like it is aligning with the rest of your car, this could be another sign of a bad repair.



When you are looking at the paint on your bumper that has been repaired, it should look like the rest of the car. If you are seeing dread drips or waves in the paint work this can be a sign of poor spraying technique, poor conditions or human error. Once again these could be a sign of a poor repair job.



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