The 4 Best Tips for Exterior Car Care

We all know the telltale signs that your car needs a little attention. Dirt on the outside, mess on the inside, and grime on the windscreen – all are big indicators that your car is due for some exterior car care.

Car wash, white car, wash the car with foam at the car wash. Self-service car wash.
Car wash, white car, wash the car with foam at the car wash. Self-service car wash.

But there is more you can do to keep the exterior of your car in tip top shape. Your car’s paintwork requires regular care to avoid permanent damage.

So how can you maintain your car’s exterior?

Wash your car regularly

It may seem obvious but this is a big one – make sure you’re giving your car a regular wash. What regular means will differ depending on how often you use your vehicle but every two weeks or so is a good rule of thumb.

Giving your care a good wash on a routine basis is key to removing dust, dirt and insects. Without regular cleaning, these seemingly harmless contaminants can damage your paint and finish.

Before you get started, it’s important to remember that the right products are key. You should always wash your car with a specially-formulated cleaning solution designed for vehicles. While it may be easier to get a hold of, household detergent should be avoided – it can damage your paint further.

As summer approaches in Sydney and surrounds, it’s also critical you check water restrictions to ensure car washing is permitted. But good practice is to try to minimise your water use irrespective of the current guidance. Try washing early in the morning when the air is cooler and there is less sunlight for rinse water to evaporate, and park your car on the grass first.

And if you’re not sure how to give your car a professional wash, read Bumpertek’s car washing guide for more details.

Keep your car undercover

Cars are made to be outdoors – but that doesn’t mean we need to store them out in the elements. Direct sunlight is a big culprit for paint damage but weather events such as storms and hail can also be problems. In 2018, golf ball-sized hail stones caused major damage to cars after a ferocious Sydney storm.

There are other, more common issues too. Bird droppings have high acidity levels that can eat paintwork if left too long. Keeping your car undercover where possible (and when not in use) is a good way to protect your paint and keep it looking good for longer.

Spot check your paint

Whether it’s fading due to sun, or chipped paint, it is inevitable that some wear and tear will happen to the exterior of your vehicle over time. For this reason, it’s important that you regularly review your paintwork so you can catch any issues before they cause too much damage.

The most obvious signs that your paintwork is in need of some TLC will be scratches, dents or dark spots. When any of these issues crop up, it’s best to check in with the professionals to get it fixed.

Bumpertek’s experienced team can restore dents, chips, and scratches in your paint, and bring your car back to showroom condition. As a mobile paint repair service, we’re not only able to address your paint issues quickly and cost-efficiently, but we come to you.

A professional, quality paint repair is the best way you can maintain the condition of your car’s exterior and keep it looking great. Contact Bumpertek today to find out how we can help.