The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Car Bumper & Scratch Damage


If you’ve got a scratch, scuff, dent or scrape on your car, you’ll want it fixed – fast! Not only does a car scratch or damaged bumper look out of place, if it is left untreated it can actually cost you in the long run. To help you show why fixing your car is in your best interest, Bumpertek has broken down some of the hidden costs when it comes to fixing your car. Here’s what you need to know.


Safety Concerns:

Let’s start out with the practicalities. You might not know this but your bumper actually plays a pivotal role in keeping you safe in an accident. Just like the name suggests, it acts as a buffer, absorbing some of the impact in a collision. This is also true when it comes to scratches. Your car’s paint is reflective. While during a nice day it is easy to see, on a dangerous road in adverse weather conditions, having a vehicle that is less reflective can be unsafe.

Resale Value:

You’ve likely spent several thousands of dollars when you bought your car. While there’s a number of variables that play a part in its resale value, a major one is how it looks to the next buyer. Scratches and bumper damage can significantly reduce this resale value. Worst still, potential buyers might be turned away from purchasing your car due to how it looks. As such, if you’re looking to sell, you might be better off getting your car’s scratches fixed first.




Rust and Corrosion:

Your car’s paint does more than just look good.  It actually stops rust and corrosion on the body of your vehicle. When the protective paint layer is compromised, it can allow moisture to penetrate the metal or body panels. This can lead to rust formation, which can spread and corrode the affected areas, requiring costly rust removal and repairs.


Aesthetics and Professional Image:

We have all seen cars that look like nobody owns them. While you might think that minor scratches don’t impact the car functionally (and you’d be right), it does have an impact on the car’s overall appearance. This can impact how you and others view your vehicle.

DIY vs. Professional Repairs:


While you might be tempted to fix your car yourself, you’ll need to have a few things going for you in order to get the job done right. Firstly, you’ll need to have the right experience to diagnose the issue. After that, you’ll need the right tools and technologies to assist, including ensuring a correct colour match – an integral component to any paint repair. If not, your repair could actually accentuate the issue.


Preventive Maintenance:

If you’re looking to extend the longevity of your car then protecting its paint can help. With rising cost of living pressures, you might be trying to get a few more years out of your car. If you want to protect it from rust and other long-term impacts, fixing up scratches will assist.


Cost comparison:

It might actually cost you more money in the long run to not repair your bumper or leave a car scratch left on your car. This is because a scratch can lead to other, more impactful issues on your car, most notably rust. The same is also true when it comes to bumpers. You might be thinking of leaving your bumper unfixed but, depending on the damage, a broken bumper can often be illegal to drive on. This can cause bigger issues down the line.




As you can see there’s plenty of hidden costs when it comes to not fixing car scratches or your bumper. But luckily for those who live in Sydney, you don’t need to live with these ugly marks.


If you live in Sydney or its surrounding area and need a car scratch or your bumper fixed, reach out to us today to get your free, no-obligation quote. Help retain the value —  and aesthetic appeal —  of your car. Call us today on 0459 225 017!