The Importance of Regular Mag Wheel Maintenance

Damaging your mag wheels can be as simple as a minor driving incident. You could rub up against a kerb, misjudge the amount of room you have in a parking spot or hit a bump in the road and all of a sudden, there you have it: a black mark on your shiny mag wheel. Worse still, it can have a knock-on impact to your car’s overall driving performance. But to help you see the importance of mag wheel maintenance when driving on Sydney’s road network, we’ve got a handy guide on what you should be looking out for.


What are mag wheels?

Let’s take it back a step and define our terms. You’ve probably guessed that a mag wheel is traditionally made out of magnesium. Although the term ‘mag wheels’ is sometimes used interchangeably with alloy wheels, they are actually different wheels that behave differently. Alloy wheels are particularly popular in automotive racing as they are lightweight and also have a high shine. When it comes to mag wheels they are less shiny and often weaker than alloy wheels. But mag wheels have the advantage of being cheaper and are often less likely to be scratched than alloy wheels.


Why is it important for regular mag wheels to be maintained?

 The main reason why you want to keep your mag wheels in tip-top shape is because they impact the overall driving performance of your vehicle. While they might not look like they do much, they can change how well your car handles.

Let’s say for example you are driving along and you hit a pothole which causes your rim to bend. In this instance, there could be significant impacts to your car: the rim could damage your healthy tyres and it can even become more difficult to steer. For this reason, it is generally unsafe for you to drive your motor vehicle if this were to happen.


How can you tell if your rim is bent?

 Generally speaking, you’ll have a few warning signs that your rim might be bent:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel at moderate and high speeds
  • A thumping sound that gets faster when you accelerate
  • Poor handling
  • Visible damage on your rim
  • A sunken spot on your tyre.


Can a bent rim be repaired?

Once again, whether or not a bent rim can be repaired and how much it will cost all depend on the severity of the damage. If it is a minor bend, in most cases it can be fixed. However, if your mag wheel has been severely bent, it might be beyond repair, meaning you will need to get a new one.


What should you do if you think your mag wheel has been damaged in Sydney?

 Now, if you think you’ve damaged your mag wheels and the problem looks to be beyond just a minor scratch, it is best to call in the experts.

The friendly team at Bumpertek are happy to help if you have an inkling your mag wheels need a repair.

Find out more about our mag wheel repair service for customers in Sydney and its surrounding area or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.