Three signs of a bad car paint repair

It should be easy to spot a bad quality car paint repair Sydney-siders– right? Not always.

The procedure of painting a car in the service center.

Car paint repairs aren’t something that most vehicle owners have to do on a regular basis. In fact, most cars are only likely to have their paintwork repaired a handful of times over their entire lifespan. It’s little wonder that most owners can’t spot a quality repair job from a poor one.

But the difference can be significant. If your auto paint repairer has cut corners, the quality of the job will suffer. And while sometimes this can be obvious, other times the issues are more subtle but no less damaging. A poor-quality paint job can detract from the appeal of your car, especially when you go to sell it.

When it’s time for you to check the quality of your paint repair, it’s important to move your car into a well-lit area for inspection. It’s hard to check for imperfections under dim light or in a poorly lit repair shop. Instead, you’ll want to review it in natural sunlight, under quality lighting in your own garage or even fluorescent light globes if they’re available.

But once you’ve moved your car into the right environment, what should you be on the lookout for?

Does the colour match?

The most obvious paint repair issue is mismatched paint. Not only can this include issues with colour matching, but application problems such as uneven tones or having a mottled appearance.

This can be an issue when repairers cut corners in the colour match process, mix paint improperly, apply the paint unevenly or fail to prime the surface prior to repainting it. It may also suggest there are other issues with the workmanship on your repair.

Having a mismatch on your paint is usually a more obvious issue which can not only lower the appeal of your car but make it harder to sell.

Is there overspray?

After your car paint repair, there shouldn’t be paint splatter visible elsewhere on your vehicle. If your bumpers or tyres show remnants of paint it means there was an issue with the protective taping of your car during your spot repair.

This type of issue can usually be corrected by a professional paint repair service like Bumpertek.

Are there imperfections in the paint?

When it comes to car scratch or bumper repairs in Sydney, the aim is for the work to be invisible. The sheen of the paint should be constant, and you should be unable to point out the new paintwork from the original.

Common issues include bubbling or streaking, or an uneven thickness in the paint. Another regular issue are sags – dried drips or waves in the paint – which can happen during application.

An easy way to test for these issues is to run your hand over the paintwork. It should be smooth and uniform – anything else suggests there may be a problem.

How can I ensure I get a quality paint repair?

While it’s important to know the signs of a bad car paint repair, it’s obviously better to get a quality one from the get go! At Bumpertek, we’re renowned for providing high-quality paint repairs that stand up to any test. If you live in Sydney or the surrounding area and want the paint or bumper repair your vehicle deserves, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.