Tips to help prevent car scratches this summer


The festive season can be a great time of year as families spend their days venturing out on weekend getaways and road trips. Unfortunately, this same period can lead to an increase in scratches on your car.

During the summer holidays, you might be planning on driving your car on a day trip or vacation to a popular site or you might notice more people out and about in your area. Either way, with more people near your car, there’s an increased chance of someone bumping or scraping against it. Not only this, the increased traffic can make driving and parking more difficult, with a mistake doing either potentially leading to a scratch. Not only does your car face the risk of other people, but it will also have to battle the elements.

With the summer heat you’ll have high UV light which can impact your car. Worse still, summer brings about extreme weather including storms which can impact your car. These include falling branches and hail damage. You might also be caught driving in bad conditions which increases the risks of car damage.


Tips to prevent scratches this summer

Now that you’re aware of some of the dangers that the summer holidays can bring, here are a few of our tips to help protect your car this summer break.

Firstly, you should pay attention to where you are parking your car. During the summer holidays there’s likely to be more cars parked and increased foot traffic. This can increase the risk of your car getting scratched. You should also be aware of your surroundings. If you’re near a beach, park or sports facility, be aware of people playing various sports and whether this could impact your car.

Whenever possible, you should also try to find shelter for your car. During the summer holidays, there’s an increased likelihood of extreme weather. While you might be tempted to park in the shade, avoid this if you think there is an increased risk of extreme weather.

Another handy hint is to get proactive with your car. If the bright summer sunlight has accentuated the visibility of scratches and imperfections on a car’s surface, it might be time to get a buff and polish. If you get your car buffed or polished, it can remove a number of defects including small scratches, etching and oxidation.

All of this will not only help boost the shine of your vehicle but also add to its protection.

If the worst should happen and you notice a scratch on your vehicle, it is important to get the damage fixed as quickly as possible. Not only do scratches impact the value of your car, they can also lead to bigger issues including rust. As such, you should get it repaired before a scratch becomes a larger problem.


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Luckily, you can fix scratches easily this summer

If you have a few days off work, you can take even greater advantage of Bumpertek’s car scratch repair service.

While you are relaxing during your time off, you can get your car repaired. Thanks to mobile car scratch repair services, such as Bumpertek, you can get your car fixed without the need to wait for days at a body shop.

Sydneysiders and those who live in the surrounding suburbs can get their car scratches repaired or even just freshen their vehicle with a buff and polish should they want to spruce it up before seeing loved ones.

To do so, all you have to do is reach out to us for a free, no-obligation quote.