Top 3 ways to avoid a car paint repair

Whether or not you’re a car enthusiast, we all know a shiny coat of paint on your car is a sure-fire way to turn heads. However, it can also be a key vulnerability. After all, your car’s paint is easy to damage, but harder to fix.

A car painter wearing protective clothing paints a car with an airbrush in an auto repair shop. A car painter wearing protective clothing paints a car with an airbrush in an auto repair shop.[/caption]

And while the friendly team at Bumpertek are always there to address any car paint repair, the easiest solution is to avoid the need for one in the first place! Knowing the common causes of damage can help you protect your paint.

So, what are our top tips to avoid the car paint repair?

1. Beware of the rain

Sydney is known for thunderstorms so a downpour is not an uncommon occurrence. But few Sydneysiders know the damage their car paint may face the next time it rains.

Rain that is acidic can quickly cause paint damage by corroding paint and metal. Further, in particularly bad storms, hailstones can leave small, visible dents on the body of your car, requiring a professional to address.

Our tip? Try to keep your car undercover when it rains – whether it’s by taking shelter or using a carport or garage. A storm car cover can also be a handy purchase if you’re concerned about heavy storms.

2. Stay clear of trees

When the mercury is rising, it may seem like there is no better place to leave your car than under the shade of a tree – especially on a hot Sydney summer’s day. However, you may be placing your car’s paint at risk.

Unfortunately, when you park under a tree, shade isn’t the only thing that can drop on your car. Sticky tree sap can land on your car and etch into the paint surface, leaving a mark even after you remove the residue.

Further, trees are a comfortable resting place for birds – by parking beneath a tree, you run the risk of them leaving droppings on your car surface too. Bird poop can be extremely acidic and can eat into your car paint.

Our tip? It’s best not to park under trees whenever possible to avoid the risk of tree sap landing on your car paint surface. Bird droppings can be harder to avoid – you never know when one will strike! We recommend cleaning off bird poop as soon as possible when you find it on your vehicle.

3. Keep it clean

Dirt and residue will land on your vehicle as you go about your day – it’s inevitable. Over time, this can damage your car paint and lead to bigger problems down the track.

Our top tip? Keep your car clean. Regularly washing your car will ensure dirt and residue isn’t left on your exterior long enough to damage your paint. Followed by polishing and waxing, you’ll be adding a coating over your paint to keep it protected.

However – we know damage happens. If your car has experienced damage to its paint, your best bet is to call in the professionals.

Bumpertek services Sydney and its surrounding area with quality, fast and cost-efficient car paint repairs. And best of all? As a mobile service, we come to you!

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