What Car Colour Is Best?

Red car with twilight background

“You can have any colour as long as it’s black” – those are the famous words of Henry Ford in describing the Model T, which from 1914-1925 was only available to purchase in black.

Today, the choices for car colours are almost endless. Beyond the colour itself, there are finishes and coatings which can change the look of your car paint and further personalise it. While it’s exciting for car enthusiasts, it can be a daunting experience for other buyers.

Deciding on what colour to choose comes down to personal preference more than anything. But there are some factors which can help you narrow down the choices if you’re trying to decide which colour you should buy.

Safety comes first

It’s a common perception that red cars are faster – even though the paint doesn’t make much difference to the speed of the car itself. However, it is true that different colour cars can be statistically safer than others.

Car insurer Youi analysed its car crash data and found darker car colours were more likely to be in accidents over lighter coloured cars – owing to their visibility on the road. Topping the list of its accident frequency research were grey cars, followed by black and charcoal models.

Interestingly, the safest car colour according to its research was green. While obviously no guarantee – individual driving habits are much more likely to impact car safety – it is worth considering.

What is the resell value?

 According to Axalta, the 2020 Automotive Car Colour of the Year is sea glass; a green-blue hue and a nod to Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year, classic blue. While it might seem like an on-trend choice when you go to purchase your next vehicle, it is worth considering what it will mean in a few years when its time to sell.

Colours can wax and wane in popularity and a hue that was trendy one year might be harder to sell when its no longer in vogue. For this reason, many buyers opt for the classics when it comes to buying a car.

White is an enduring choice and has been the top car colour in the world since 2011. Other popular car colours include staples like black, grey and silver. The long-running popularity of these colour choices should be a factor when you go to purchase your next car.

Avoiding dents and scratches

No matter what colour of car you have – if you get a dent or a scratch in your paintwork, it’ll be hard to hide. But there are some car colours that make scratches and scuffs less obvious than others.

If you’re worried about scratches or hate the look of a dirty car then black is an absolute no-go; every speck of dirt will show up on the paint and even fine scratches will be more obvious. White is a better choice if you’re looking at hiding surface wear, as the brightness of the paint will minimise imperfections when its in the sun. While it won’t be able to hide issues, it’ll be less noticeable than scratches or dents on a darker coloured car.

But if you want those dents and scratches to be invisible you’ll need to call in the professionals for a car paint repair. At Bumpertek, we work across Sydney and its surrounding areas to fix all matter of car paint scratches and dents – and best of all, we come to you. If you need a car paint repair, contact us for your obligation-free quote.