What is the Average cost of a Car Scratch Repair in Sydney?

If you’ve ever scuffed or scratched your car, you’ll know the easiest part is doing the damage – the hardest is deciding how to fix it. Unless you’ve gotten a car scratch repaired in Sydney before or are an expert, it is tricky to know where to go and how much you should be paying. It’s little wonder that a common question we get at Bumpertek is, “What is the average cost of a car scratch repair in Sydney?” So how much should you be paying?


There are a few considerations that will determine the amount of work – and therefore the price – that will go into your repair. But the key one is always the type of scratch that is on the car.

There are 4 types of scratches which can cause damage to your vehicle:

1. Clear coat scratches

Scuffs and clear coat scratches damage the top layer of your paint – and this can often make them easier to repair than other types of damage. They often occur through rocks and other debris that come off the road and hit your car, damaging the top layer of paint.

Types of clear coat damage can include swirl marks which are generally produced by poor cleaning techniques – for instance drying your car with the same towel over again. This type of damage is usually quite undetectable under normal conditions but, if looked at closely or under intense light, will appear.

The difference between a clear coat scratch and a scuff is size: a scuff usually isn’t as long as a clear coat scratch.


2. Primer Scratches

Primer scratches are when the damage has gone a little deeper through the layers of the paint.

At this stage of damage, the scratch has reached the primer level of the paint but has not exposed the metal beneath it. These scratches are often caused by more severe impacts including minor car accidents and tree branches hitting your car.


3. Paint scratches

Paint scratches are the next layer down and occur when the scratch penetrates the clear coat and reaches the colour beneath. As the clear coat is designed to protect the underlying paint and metal of the car, this exposure leaves the car to the elements.

Typically at this point, you’ll need to call in the professionals. While paint scratches can be repaired, it can be a significant amount of work. A repair will usually involve removing the paint from the area, touching it up with paint-matched colour and reapplying the clear coat.


4. Deep paint scratches

Deep Car ScratchDeep paint scratches are the deepest type of scratch – and for this reason, are often the most expensive types to repair. They have a very easy to identify feature as they’re usually deep enough for metal to be exposed. These scratches usually occur in car wrecks or other hard collisions.


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Unsurprisingly, the type of scratch will impact the type of work required to repair it – deeper scratches require a more involved repair, which will typically cost more.

But it’s not the only factor. Other considerations for the cost of a repair will be the size of the scratch – a larger surface area will cost more to fix – and where it is located on the car.

On average, we see most car scratch repairs in Sydney go for around the $350 – $550 mark. But it is important to remember this is an average and an estimate – it will depend on your own circumstances.


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