Why are my mag wheels corroding? 

Are your mag wheels corroding? You put your mag or alloy wheels through a lot. After all, the only thing between them and the road is a little bit of tyre.  

They drive through the hottest summer days, the coldest winters and some of the roughest terrain. 

All of which can cause corrosion.  

And, while mag wheels can suffer corrosion for a variety of reasons, the good news is they can generally be repaired especially when in the hands of a seasoned pro. 

What is corrosion? 

Let’s take it back a step and explain what is actually happening to your wheel. 

Corrosion is a pretty simple and natural occurring process in science. But it is not great for vehicle lovers. 

Basically, corrosion is a process where metal becomes a more chemically-stable form, usually through oxide, hydroxide, carbonate or sulphide. 

In layman’s terms, it is the gradual destruction of materials by a chemical process when metal reacts to its environment, often resulting in rust. It typically happens when metal is exposed to weather elements or chemicals including oxygen and water. 

Remember, your mags are no different to any type of metal and they are exposed to the elements every time you drive. As such, leave your vehicle in the elements long enough and you’ll have a rust problem. 

Different mags react differently

When it comes to wheels, generally there are made of two different types of metals which will corrode differently. 

Steel – Steel wheels are the cheapest and most common, especially on lower cost vehicles. While steel has the advantages of being cheaper, these wheels are heavier and more prone to oxidation. This means they are more likely to rust. 

Aluminium – When it comes to cars, lighter means faster. As such more expensive cars, especially sports cars are made out of aluminium and magnesium wheels. These wheels are more resistant to oxidation, but it can still occur. 


Now that you know what it is, can it be fixed? 

Despite the seriousness of the problem, the good news is it can be fixed. And cheaper than you might think. 

But it all depends on how quickly you act. If you see corrosion and leave it, the problem may get worse. Getting your rim fixed by a specialist will prevent further damage saving you money in the long run. 

As much as we all like to think we’re handy on the tools, fixing a rim is best left to the professionals. 

While YouTube videos may tell you it is easy to DIY your own mag wheel repair, it is quite simply not the case. 

Repairs need to be done by a professional to ensure the rim is fully restored and an exact colour match of the alloy wheel. 

Failure to do this could severely impact the value of your car and cost you more money in the long run than a repair would. 

So, whether you’re a car fanatic or it’s your daily drive, the friendly team at Bumpertek are happy to help if you have an inkling your mag wheels need a repair. Find out more about our alloy and mag wheel repair service for Sydney and its surrounding area or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.