Why mobile services are the way of the future!

Think about some of the fastest growing companies in Australia today: Uber, Deliveroo, Jimmy Brings. What do they have in common? They come to you. They are mobile services.

Today we live in a world that is fast, convenient and connected. The internet allows us to find the products and services we need instantly – and customers expect all their interactions to be just as easy.

It’s little wonder then that mobile services are growing in popularity. At Bumpertek we know mobile scratch and bumper repairs are the way of the future. And there are a number of reasons why our customers agree.

We come to you

The most common compliment we hear from customers that love Bumpertek’s service? That we come to you. The problem with traditional panel beaters is that you’ll be left without your car for the duration of your repair. And, once you’ve dropped the car off, how do you manage without it while it’s being fixed?

Thankfully, mobile bumper repair services come right to your door. It means you won’t need to rearrange your day, organise a lift to a repair shop or be without your car, in order to get a cracked or scratched bumper fixed. In fact, you can go about your business – and leave the repair to us.

Flexible timing

We know there is nothing worse than trying to maintain your busy schedule and find time to get your bumper or car scratches fixed. Are you lucky enough to work from home? Do you have flexible hours at your workplace? Or do you have to waste an annual leave day in order to fix your vehicle?

Bumpertek’s mobile service doesn’t just mean we’ll come to you – we can also work around your schedule. We don’t tell you what time suits us to fix your bumper or car scratch or give you huge windows of time to wait for our service. Instead, our customers give us a day and time that works for them and we have one of our professional repairers arrive to their door to do the job.

Convenient services

Best of all, the convenience of a mobile repair service means you won’t be waiting around for days for your bumper or car scratches to be fixed. In most cases, your vehicle will be finished and looking great in a matter of hours. With mobile repairers, there is no need for multiple visits. And, as we come to you, you won’t need to wait around for hours for your car to get out of the shop.

These are just some of the reasons why mobile car scratch and bumper repair services are the way of the future. We know customers don’t want to uproot their lives in order to get their car fixed – and with mobile repair services you don’t have to. Instead, our flexible and convenient service comes right to your door.

If you want to fix that cracked or scratched bumper without the inconvenience of going to a repair shop, contact us today and schedule your free inspection and quote.