Will parking my car in the sun cause the need for a car paint repair?

If there is one thing for certain, it’s that summer is when Sydney truly sizzles. Balmy nights, blue skies and the sun shining down – it certainly is a special time of year. And while Sydneysiders might know to ‘slip, slop, slap’ when it comes to their own sun protection – what does all this fantastic weather mean for their cars?


From the CBD to the western suburbs to the beaches along our coastline – there is plenty to do across Sydney and its surrounding areas, with much of that recreation in the sun.

As Sydney continues to sweat through our current long, hot summer, we explore what the sun exposure could mean for your vehicle and whether it could hasten the need for a car paint repair.

Close up of part of an orange car in sun beam
Close up of part of an orange car in sun beam

Why do cars get so hot in the sun?

Unsurprisingly, the key reason cars are susceptible to the elements is because they’re often left out in them. When it comes to enjoying outdoor activities such as the beach or the park, people may park outside, leaving their cars exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

In addition, cars are made of metal (steel and aluminium) which absorb the sun’s energy and turn it into heat. On an Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to as much as 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature – a key risk for animals and children.

Can the sun damage my car’s paint?

Car paint can be impacted by UV radiation – meaning if your car is left out in the sun for too long the paint may fade and crack. In addition, the bumper and fender can be discoloured by prolonged sun exposure.

How can car paint damage from the sun be avoided?

There is one clear and obvious way to protect your car’s paint from sun exposure – avoid leaving it to bake in the sun for hours. Where possible, parking undercover or in a garage can be the best way to avoid your car being exposed to the sun for too long, especially when you’ll be away for hours at a time such as the work day.

However, we all know finding undercover parking is easier said than done. If a covered car park or garage isn’t an option, it can be well worth monitoring the sun’s path to try to anticipate a spot that will be shady for the hottest part of the day.

There are other preventative measures you can take to protect your vehicle. Ensuring your car has been waxed will help maintain your paint and resist cracking or fading. In addition, regularly washing your car will remove loose dirt, which can bake into your car’s exterior from the hot sun.

What if my paint is already damaged?

Despite best intentions, sometimes damage happens – and in those instances, you want your car fixed, fast! If you live in Sydney or its surrounding area and your car needs its paint repaired, reach out to Bumpertek today, for a free, no obligation quote on our high-quality car paint repairs.